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As part of the Sport Canada Research Initiative (SCRI), Sport Canada launched a joint initiative with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) called the Sport Participation Research Initiative (SPRI). Sport Canada funds SPRI to enhance the benefits of quality sport participation and reduce barriers with the aim of improving Canadian sport policy outcomes.

As part of the SCRI conference, the Sport Participation Research Initiative (SPRI) supports the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy by funding selected academics to conduct research on matters related to enhancing participation in sport in Canada. 

Every year at the Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference, a number of these academics present their research projects. This year’s poster session was held virtually on Zoom meeting, on Thursday October 27, 2022. This interactive session is an opportunity to hear directly from researchers on their latest discoveries in enhancing sport participation in Canada. Discover the 50 projects presented this year as well as the remaining SPRI abstracts.

*Please note, the lighting round videos are presented in the researchers’ language of choice.

2022 Poster Presenters

Session A
Room 1A

Presenter Abstract  

Shannon Kerwin, PhD, Brock University

Pamela Wicker, PhD, Bielefeld University

Signaling Change: Exploring Gender EDI and Human Resource Management Practices, Board Gender Composition, and Board Outcomes in Non-profit Sport Governing Bodies PPT

Dawn Trussell, PhD, Brock University

Shannon Kerwin, PhD, Brock University

Examining Role Identity and Diversity within the Governance of Community Sport PPT

Room 2A

Presenter Abstract  
Caroline Barakat, PhD, Ontario Tech University Steps to enhance evidence-informed parental decision-making in relation to sport participation for girls PPT
Taylor Coleman, Wilfrid Laurier University Exploring the role of parents in the group dynamics of youth sport teams: Qualitative findings, practical implications, and future research directions PPT

Room 3A

Presenter Abstract  
Delphine Labbé, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of British Columbia Adaptive Snowsports Program Leaders’ Perceptions on Strategies to Provide Optimal Participation for People with Disabilities PPT
Renee LaFreniere, University of British Columbia Contribution of trunk swing to performance of fixed seat rowing PPT

Room 4A

Presenter Abstract  
Nikolaus Dean, University of British Columbia “We are all here for the same reason”: Identifying Barriers and Facilitators Among Skateboards with a Disability PPT
Mathieu Michaud, McGill University Physical Activity Facilitators and Barriers for Children with ASD: Scoping Review of Methods and Findings PPT

Room 5A

Presenter Abstract  
Jeemin Kim, PhD, Michigan State University Talking about stress within teammates: An observational study of teammate conversations and social support PPT
Cheryl MacDonald, PhD, Saint Mary’s University The impact of COVID-19 on the everyday lives and wellbeing of Atlantic University Sport Hockey Players PPT

Room 6A

Presenter Abstract  

Meghan Harlow, PhD, York University

On behalf of Jessica Fraser-Thomas, PhD, York University

Tykes and Tots: Exploring and Optimizing Coaching Effectiveness in Preschooler Sport PPT

Kathryn Johnston, PhD, York University

On behalf of Joseph Baker, PhD, York University

Do you see what I see? Understanding talent selection in sport PPT

Room 7A

Presenter Abstract  

Krista Chandler, PhD, University of Windsor

Frank Ely, University of Windsor

Preliminary evidence supporting the use of online psychological skills training with para-athletes PPT

Kelly Arbour-Nicitopoulos, PhD, University of Toronto

On behalf of Roxy O’Rourke, University of Toronto

A[head] of the game: An exploration of athletes’ experiences and coach-athlete conversations of mental health and illness PPT

Room 8A

Presenter Abstract  
Erin Pearson, Western University Leveraging Sport Events for Sustainable Outcomes: Exploring Knowledge Management and Transfer Processes PPT
Laura Misener, PhD, Western University Do sport events matter for parasport participation? Lessons and opportunities in event leveraging  

Kevin Wilson, University of Waterloo

Patti Millar, PhD, University of Windsor

Fostering a Sport Participation Legacy: The Importance of a Sport Facility PPT

Room 9A

Presenter Abstract  
Natalie Knowles, PhD, University of Waterloo Climate change and the future of the Winter Olympic Games: athlete and coach perspectives  

Simon Darnell, PhD, University of Toronto

Rob Millington, PhD, Brock University

Adam Ali, PhD, University of Western Ontario

Tavis Smith, University of Toronto

Sport, Development and Environmental Sustainability PPT

Room 10A

Presenter Abstract  
Catherine Sabiston, PhD, University of Toronto Weight commentary in adolescent girls sport: Prevalence and consequences PPT
Christine Mazumdar, PhD, Concordia University Touch at a Distance: Countering Abuse in Gymnastics through Coaching Pedagogies of Consent  

Room 11A

Presenter Abstract  

Todd Loughead, PhD, University of Windsor

Mason Sheppard, University of Windsor

Towards the development of an online athlete leadership training program: The testing of a shared athlete leadership inventory PPT
Colin Wierts, University of British Columbia The Socializing Together while Running InDEpendently (STRIDE) randomized controlled pilot trial: Feasibility and acceptability of an online-delivered running and walking group program to support undergraduate students’ well-being and exercise behaviour PPT

Room 12A

Presenter Abstract  

Beatrice Necsa, University of Montreal

Kianoush Harandian, University of Montreal

Extracurricular sport improves long-term chances of academic success in boys and girls PPT
Jean Lemoyne, PhD, UQTR Youth Hockey and Physical Literacy: observation of a cohort of novice players/ Littératie physique et hockey mineur: regard sur une cohorte de hockeyeurs novices PPT

Session B
Room 1B

Presenter Abstract  

Arthur Lefebvre, PhD, UCLouvain

Milena Parent, PhD, University of Ottawa

The New Sport System Landscape: Understanding the Interrelationships between Governance, Brand, and Social Media in Non-Profit Sport Organizations PPT
Erik L. Lachance, PhD, Brock University Opening the “Black Box”: Exploring Board Decision Making in Non-Profit Sport Organizations Operating in a Multi-Level Governance System PPT

Room 2B

Presenter Abstract  
Leah Ferguson, PhD, University of Saskatchewan Fostering the Fierce Inner Fan: Developing Women Athletes’ Self-Compassion to Thrive in Sport PPT
Tiffany Tse, Queen’s University What about Women coaches? A two-part examination of barriers and facilitators that affect progression in leadership roles  

Room 3B

Presenter Abstract  

Luc Martin, PhD, Queen’s University

Mitchell Profeit, Queen’s University

Alex Maw, Queen’s University

A Summative Analysis of the Needs of Community Rugby Programs in Canada PPT
Katie Misener, PhD, University of Waterloo Social Impact Capacity in Community Sport Organizations PPT

Room 4B

Presenter Abstract  
Cole Giffin, Laurentian University Advancing Safe Sport Through Occupational Health and Safety: Refugee Athletes’ Experiences of Safe Sport Within National and International Canadian Sports Contexts PPT

Cole Giffin, Laurentian University

On behalf of Robert Schinke, PhD, Laurentian University

The Acculturation of Youth Refugees through Community Sport Programming: Year Five PPT

Room 5B

Presenter Abstract  

Simon Barrick, PhD, Cape Breton University

Richard Norman, PhD, Ryerson University

Heather Mair, PhD, University of Waterloo

Reimagining possibilities for sport in Canada: Lessons from the curling club  
Simon Barrick, PhD, Cape Breton University Immigration, integration, and intersectoral partnership: A critical examination of introductory winter sport programmes for newcomers to Canada PPT

Room 6B

Presenter Abstract  
Alexander Wray, Western University Linking young Canadians to parks and recreational resources using geo-targeted messaging in a smartphone application PPT
Mathieu Bélanger, PhD, Université de Sherbrooke Defining adolescent patterns of sport participation PPT

Room 7B

Presenter Abstract  
Stuart Wilson, University of Ottawa Revisiting Recovery: Defining recovery’s meanings, modes, and management from the perspective of elite endurance athletes PPT
Kerry McGannon, PhD, Laurentian University Expanding Understanding of Motherhood and Sport in Socio-Cultural Context: A Narrative Analysis of Stories in the Digital Landscape PPT

Room 8B

Presenter Abstract  
Michael Auksi, McGill University Problematizing the pathways to elite athlete development in Indigenous Canada: A Case Study of Hockey Players PPT
Shannon Bredin, PhD, University of British Columbia Engaging Indigenous youth through traditional land-based activities: Co-creation of Curriculum and Sport Participation  

Room 9B

Presenter Abstract  

Madison Vani, PhD, University of Toronto

Kristen M. Lucibello, University of Toronto

Appearance-related shame mediates the association between body surveillance and attentional focus among adolescents: Implications for sport engagement and experiences PPT
Georgia Ens, University of Calgary Skate Canada Body Positive Guidelines: A qualitative stakeholder assessment PPT

Room 10B

Presenter Abstract  

Jordan Sutcliffe, University of Toronto

Katherine Tamminen, PhD, University of Toronto

Examining parent-child emotion regulation in organized youth sport PPT

Guilherme Costa, Queen’s University

Mia KurtzFavero, Queen’s University

On behalf of Jean Côté, PhD, Queen’s University

Exploring the Implementation and Practices of Parent-Coach Dual-Role Strategies PPT

Room 11B

Presenter Abstract  
Amber Mosewich, PhD, University of Alberta Supporting athlete psychosocial development: A longitudinal mixed-method study of psychosocial skills, resilience, and well-being PPT
Eric MacIntosh, PhD, University of Ottawa Creating a Safe Sport Culture in Canadian High Performance Sport: Phase 1 – The Athlete Voices PPT

Room 12B

Presenter Abstract  
Jason Mergler, University of Manitoba Snapshot: A Project SCORE Evaluative Pilot Case Study PPT
Daniel Millar, Mount Royal University Understanding the Role of e-sport Coaches PPT

More Abstracts from the Sport Participation Research Initiative

Consult the list of research papers below to learn about the latest SPRI funded research:

Presenter Papers
Danielle Alexander, McGill University Team culture and coaching in parasport: Preliminary data from the Canadian, Norwegian, and Swedish sport context.
Mark W. Bruner, PhD, Nippissing University Together Toward a Shared Sense of ‘Us’: Unlocking the Power of Groups in Youth Sport

Jean Côté, PhD, Queen’s University

Guilherme Costa, PhD, Queen’s University

Exploring the Implementation and Practices of Parent-Coach Dual-Role Strategies
Russell D. Field, PhD, University of Manitoba A People’s History of Sport in Canada
Audrey R. Giles, PhD, University of Ottawa A sporting chance? A critical Indigenous analysis of “sport for reconciliation” in Canada, Australia, and Aoteroa/New Zealand
Nicholas L. Holt, PhD, University of Alberta A skills and knowledge-based approach to parent education and support in youth sport
Nickolas J. Kosmenko, University of Manitoba Exploring the Indigenous Engagement Program’s Impact on Cultural Safety, Indigenous Inclusion, and Reciprocity Among U Sports Teams
Bradley J. Millington, PhD, Brock University Sport and the digital economy: A case study of the Canadian sports analytics industry
Marina Milyavskaya, Carleton University Why do we spend our time the way we do? Basic psychological need satisfaction and time use
Sylvie Parent, Université Laval Study on the experiences of athletes in Quebec
Ann Pegoraro, University of Guelph COVID-19 Impacts on Gender+ Equity in Canadian Sport: Understanding how sport can Address and Prevent Gender Inequity in Post-Pandemic Times
Lara Pomerleau-Fontaine, Université de Sherbrooke The Mental Health of Developing Athletes in Quebec: Portrait of Prevalence and Undertaking
Morgan Rogers, University of Calgary Designing, implementing, and evaluating a leadership development program for adolescent girls in sport
Kate N. Rozendaal, University of Alberta More than medal: Exploring athlete experiences of womens’ Parasport
Majidullah Shaikh, University of Ottawa The Implementation of a Sport-based, Trauma-sensitive, Youth Development Program in a National Community Organization
Niya St. Amant, Queen’s University One-Size-Fits-All? A Gendered Approach to Youth Concussion Legislation
Erin Willson, University of Toronto Exploring Gender-Based Violence in Youth Athletes
Stuart G. Wilson, University of Ottawa Revisiting Recovery: Defining recovery’s meanings, modes, and management, from the perspective of elite endurance athletes
Magdalena Wojtowicz, University of Saskatchewan Supporting Athlete Success: Developing Multi-dimensional Profiles for Athlete Development