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The 2021 Poster Session was held during the Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference to share the latest discoveries and cutting-edge insights on sport participation evidence in Canada. 

Poster presentations

Scroll down to view the presentation videos grouped by topic, as well as their research abstracts or knowledge transfer papers.

Room 1 – Disability in Sport & Para Sport

Presenter Topic
Gordon Bloom, PhD, McGill University 

Towards the development of a coach mentorship training program in paraspsort

Presentation slides

Krista Chandler, PhD, University of Windsor

Increasing para-athletes’ access to sport psychology

Presentation slide

Nima Dehghansai, PhD, Paralympics Australia

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Development of Expertise in Athletes with Impairments

Presentation slide

Laura Misener, PhD, Western University

Project Echo: Examining Post-Event Impacts on Sport Experiences and Recognition

Lise Olsen, PhD, University of British Columbia

Promoting Safe Recreation Participation for Children with Autism through a Web-based Resource

Presentation slides

Room 2 – Children’s Sport & Physical Activity

Presenter Topic
Jessica Fraser-Thomas, PhD, York University

Tykes and Tots: Exploring and Optimizing Coaching Effectiveness in Preschooler Sport


Claire Tugault-Lafleur, PhD, University of Ottawa Factors associated with physical activity policy and practice implementation in British Columbia early years group childcare settings: A longitudinal study
Linda Pagani, PhD, Université de Montréal

Bio-psycho-social benefits of youth participation in extracurricular sport in middle childhood: Overall methodological approach and findings from our research program

Presentation slides

Marie-Josée Harbec, Université de Montréal

Bio-psycho-social benefits of youth participation in extracurricular sport in middle childhood

Kianoush Harandian, Université de Montréal

Early sporting activities predict a later active lifestyle for boys and for girls

Presentation slides

Laurie-Anne Kosak, Université de Montréal

Early extracurricular physical activity and subsequent healthy body weight and explosive leg strength in middle childhood

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Room 3 – Priorities in Sport Research & Governance

Presenter Topic
Mathieu Bélanger, PhD, Université de Sherbrooke

Identification of priorities for sport and physical activity research in Canada

Presentation slides

Milena Parent, PhD, University of Ottawa

New Governance Design Archetypes for Canadian National Sport Organizations

Presentation slides

Erin Pearson, Western University Examining the Knowledge Management and Transfer Processes for Sport Event Impacts

Room 4 – Innovations in Hockey Research & Practice

Presenter Topic
Julien Glaude-Roy, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Use of video feedback during ice hockey practices: perceptions and beliefs of Quebec coaches

Presentation slides

Jean Lemoyne, PhD, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Analyzing the half-ice gameplay model for novice hockey in Canada: play, learn and having fun
Jean Lemoyne, PhD, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Girls on Ice! Motivation and Role models in women’s hockey
Émie Tétreault, Université Laval Cognitive contribution to the identification and development of talent in ice hockey: decision making and visual cues
Émie Tétreault, Université Laval About the predictive value of a 3D multiple object tracking device for identification in elite ice hockey players

Room 5 – Identity & Culture in Canadian Hockey

Presenter Topic
Kristi Allain, PhD, St. Thomas University

Not Like Family: Sport, Masculinity and the Changing Ideals of Later-Life Men’s Friendships

Presentation slides

Curtis Fogel, PhD, Brock University Parental Aggression in Minor Hockey in Canada
Vincent Huard Pelletier, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Development and Validation of the Ice Hockey Perceived Competence Questionnaire
Alex Murata, Queen’s University Why sport? An examination of youth sport program consumption behaviours in Canadian ice hockey parents
Lloyd Wong, PhD, University of Calgary

‘I Feel More Canadian with Hockey’: Identity and Belonging Via Ice Hockey in a Diverse Canada.

Presentation slides

Room 6 – Women & Girls in Sport

Presenter Topic
Carrie Peters, University of British Colombia and Nicola Hodges, PhD, University of British Colombia

A scoping review of developmental practice histories of female athletes

Patti Millar, PhD, University of Windsor

Understanding female participation in golf across Ontario

Presentation slides

Casey Rosen, MD, Western University

Beyond the Medals: A cross-sectional study investigating retired high performance female athletes’ health

Presentation slides

Catherine Sabiston, PhD, University of Toronto

Creating an Evidence-Based Impact Assessment Tool for Adolescent Girls

Daniel Wigfield, University of Waterloo

Who is Climbing? Understanding Participants Within Climbing Escalade Canada

Presentation slides

Room 7 – Community Sport

Presenter Topic

Steph MacKay, PhD, University of Ottawa

Reciprocation and Responsibility – “Giving Back” to Children and Youth in Community Organizations

Presentation slides

Kristen Morrison, University of Toronto

The Role and Activities of Strategy Practitioners in Planning for Membership Growth in Nonprofit Community Sport

Presentation slides

Abigail Perfetti, Western University

Capturing the community sport landscape through Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis

Presentation slides

Dawn Trussell, PhD, Brock University

Examining Role Identity and Diversity within the Governance of Community Sport

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Room 8 – Leadership, Coaching & Officiating

Presenter Topic
Catalina Belalcazar, Cape Breton University

Coaching Association of Canada Female Mentorship Programs’ Mentee Training Resource

Presentation slides

Michael Jorgensen, University of Toronto “That’s a Blue for You”: Referee Experiences Managing Concussion Injury Risk in Canadian Amateur Rugby
Todd Loughead, PhD, University of Windsor

Towards the development of an online athlete leadership training program

Presentation slides

Leisha Strachan, PhD, University of Manitoba

Project SCORE: Evaluation of a resource focused on positive youth sport program delivery

Presentation slides

Nick Wattie, PhD, Ontario Tech University

Training and development in sport officials: A systematic review

Presentation slides

Room 9 – Safe Sport & Mental Health

Presenter Topic
Fatima Alawie, Université de Montréal

Prospective links between difficult temperament and family adversity and internalizing symptoms in early adolescence: protective role of physical activity

Presentation slides

Jacinthe Dion, PhD, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Sport participation as a resilience factor for adolescents with a history of child maltreatment

Tiago Duarte, University of Ottawa Safe sport in high-performance contexts: A social learning initiative
Jeemin Kim, University of Toronto

Athletes’ self- and interpersonal emotion regulation and their effects on anxiety and goal achievement during competition

Presentation slides

Sophie Labossière, Université de Sherbrooke

Mental health of university student-athletes during the pandemic

Presentation slides

Room 10 – Contemporary Issues in Sport

Presenter Topic
Cole Giffin, Laurentian University

The collaborative development of a community sport program for newcomer youth

Presentation slides

Sam McKegney, PhD, Queen’s University, Robert Henry, PhD, University of Saskatchewan, and Jordan Koch, PhD, McGill University Missed Opportunities on the Road to Reconciliation: The Removal of the Beardy’s Blackhawks AAA Hockey Franchise
Thierry Middleton, PhD, Laurentian University Critically Exploring the Acculturative Journeys of Forced Immigrant Youth and the Role YMCA Sport Programs Can Play in Providing Support During Re-Settlement
Enrico Quilico, University of Toronto Co-Creating a Physical Activity Program after Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Alex Wells, University of Victoria

Reflections on Community-Based Research Approaches on LGBTQ2S Recreational Sport

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