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About the SIRC Forum

The SIRC Forum is an interactive, online platform that brings together researchers and practitioners to enhance sport in Canada. The Forum is a place for you to ask and answer questions, share resources and findings, discuss trending topics or issues, and connect with potential partners or collaborators.

online connection graphicDiscover cutting-edge research and resources, grow your professional network, and find innovative solutions through interactions with other researchers and practitioners—from a variety of locations, sports, and areas of expertise—on the SIRC Forum.


Background and Development

The purpose of the SIRC Forum is to unite researchers, practitioners and policy makers to advance the Canadian sport system through an active online community. Accordingly, the objectives of the SIRC Forum are:

  1. Rugby players huddling on sports fieldTo build and maintain an active online community of sport researchers, sport organizations, and other key stakeholders;
  2. To facilitate conversations and knowledge exchange that enhance understandings of key issues in sport;
  3. To encourage collaboration between researchers and sport organizations; and
  4. To strengthen knowledge mobilization with the aim of supporting evidence informed programming and decision-making.

The SIRC Forum builds on SIRC’s mandate to connect researchers and practitioners through the Sport Canada Research Initiative (SCRI) conference, and responds to discussion about the value of enhanced relationships and collaboration among stakeholders in Canadian sport.

SIRC acknowledges the support of a web development team and an Advisory Committee in the creation of the SIRC Forum. The Advisory Committee is comprised of 14 members from across Canada; 5 academics; 5 representatives of national, provincial/territorial and community level sport organizations; and 4 members from multi-sport organizations. The Advisory Committee was responsible for providing insight and expertise related to the creation and implementation of the Forum, piloting the platform, reviewing communication tools, and assisting with outreach and engagement to ensure the SIRC Forum is a dynamic and valuable online community.


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