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SIRC Literature Reviews provide sport organizations with quick and easy access to knowledge, evidence, and insights from credible researchers and organizations. Get the information you need—in a format that makes sense to you—to inform and strengthen decision making, programming, funding submissions and other organizational activities.

Why Conduct a Literature Review?

A literature review summarizes research evidence on a topic of interest, which can be used to identify best practices, trends, or knowledge gaps. Literature reviews are a vital tool to support evidence-informed planning and decision-making.

A literature review can help you:

  • Find important facts or statistics for a funding application
  • Identify best practices for a program or event
  • Inform policy development
  • Highlight future directions and next steps for a project or initiative

Here are examples of SIRC’s most recent Literature Reviews:

How Does it Work?

SIRC offers three literature review packages—Knowledge Exploration, Knowledge Discovery, and Knowledge Discovery Plus—based on the size and scope of your knowledge needs.

Each package includes a search and synthesis of the research by a trained member of the SIRC Team using SIRC’s premium access to sport research databases. Products to communicate the findings, such as a report, infographic, or slide deck, can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of your organization.

1. Knowledge Exploration

Do you need some quick facts or statistics? Or background research for a new project, but you’re not sure where to start? Knowledge Exploration provides you with quick access to the information you need in a format that makes it easy for you to understand.

With our Knowledge Exploration package, SIRC’s researchers will review and summarize the most relevant research to help get you the answers you need. You’ll receive a 2-page summary of the findings and a list of relevant sources (to a maximum of 15).   

2. Knowledge Discovery

For a deeper dive into the research and more detailed insights, Knowledge Discovery offers a complete review and analysis of the literature on the topic of your choice.

With our Knowledge Discovery package, SIRC’s researchers will perform an exhaustive search of the academic literature and other sources (e.g., industry reports) as relevant. We will review, interpret, and synthesize the findings in a way that makes sense for you.

You’ll receive a 1- to 2-page summary, a 5- to 10-page report, and a list of all sources (to a maximum of 30). Other products, such as an infographic or slide deck, can be substituted or added at an extra cost.

3. Knowledge Discovery Plus

For multi-faceted projects (e.g., with more than one topic, level, or lens), projects that require more than 30 sources, or exploratory projects that require a more tailored approach, SIRC’s got you covered with Knowledge Discovery Plus. This is a fully customizable package that will help you access and apply the research, evidence, and insights in a way that works for you.

With Knowledge Discovery Plus, SIRC will work with you to develop a detailed knowledge mobilization plan. Deliverables can include (but are not limited to) reports, executive summaries, infographics, fact sheets, and slide decks.


The literature review conducted by Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) provided our team a deeper understanding of female golf participation.

Specifically, the results of this literature review provided Golf Ontario with the data and insights to guide the development and implementation of a new suite of initiatives for women to TRY, LEARN & PLAY golf to be launched in the Spring/Summer of 2021.

The review also allowed us to identify the resources that individual golf courses may require to support these new initiatives for women.

Kyle McFarlane, Director of Golf Services, Golf Ontario

As a researcher, the most successful outcome of my work is effective translation of existing and new concussion knowledge into the hands of people where it matters the most. In the recent months, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Brynna, Research and Communications Intern at SIRC, who has been instrumental in ensuring that the research messages are communicated using an interface that is both user-friendly and relatable to the end user. The average lag in the health research translational process is estimated to be 17 years – nearly 2 decades. Enthusiastic translational efforts by team such as SIRC not only helps reduce this undesired shelf-to-practice gap but also places them at the forefront as active partners in research. Overall, I must say it was a great pleasure working with the SIRC team in their efforts at knowledge translation for a subject matter that is often considered hard to digest. Way to go SIRC… keep up the great work!

Dr. Reema Shafi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Krembil Research Institute

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