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According to 4-time Olympian and mental health advocate Clara Hughes, “[mental health] resources need to be more readily available and clearly laid out as to what they are, where they are and how to access them.” To address this gap, the Mental Health Strategy for High Performance Sport in Canada aims to equip sport participants, leaders and stakeholders with the mental health knowledge, skills and support to thrive throughout their career and beyond.

Physical inactivity is a global concern. Accelerating physical activity policy implementation is essential to achieve a 15% reduction in inactivity, a target set by World Health Organization (WHO). If every country implemented GAPPA, a set of evidence-based recommendations, this goal would be reached by 2030!

Sporting events leave a large carbon footprint between the built infrastructure and emissions from participants and spectators. The International Olympic Committee and around 300 other signatories have agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. This past summer’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham pledged to leave a carbon neutral legacy. Team Canada implemented its own plan to be carbon neutral at the Games.

In 2021, FIFA recently released their first analysis of high performance women’s soccer and the results are still relevant today. The report highlights opportunities that can encourage clubs to invest in their women’s teams. For example, having a written strategy for women’s soccer helps clubs increase revenue, have more facilities for the first team, and enjoy higher match attendance.

When measuring the strength of any Major Games, such as the Olympics and Paralympics, the legacy it leaves behind can be a determining factor. Legacies can take many forms, including infrastructure advancement and social impact. Considering the impact of a country’s previous large, multisport events plays an important role in the success of its bids to host future Games.

A region’s active economy includes all organizations and individuals who directly or indirectly contribute to the development and delivery of sport and active recreation experiences. Strategies that maximize the impact of an active economy can drive economic growth, employment and the development of skills essential to innovation and economic diversification.

When moms get regular physical activity, they report feeling better, sleeping better, and feeling better able to ‘unwind.’ But finding the time to be active or experiencing feelings of guilt or selfishness over prioritizing oneself can stand in the way. For SIRC’s Mom’s Got Game initiative, read about the experiences of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, including Beijing 2022 curlers Jennifer Jones and Ina Forrest, as they navigate motherhood at the highest levels of sport.

Today is Commonwealth Day, an annual celebration of the Commonwealth nations. This year, the XXII Commonwealth Games will take place in Birmingham, England, from July 28 to August 8. The Birmingham 2022 competition schedule features a fully integrated Para sport program and, for the first time in Commonwealth Games history, more medal events for women than men.

Climate change can have a profound impact on the conditions at the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, impacting athletes’ safety and ability to perform. Modelling suggests that if global emissions remain on the trajectory of the last 2 decades, only 1 city will remain worldwide with the ability to reliably host the Games. A low emission scenario aligned to the Paris Climate Agreement is needed to mitigate the impact of climate change on winter sports.

“Engaging (athletes) and treating them as the important stakeholders that they are will not only be good for the athletes but also good for the viability and the long-term longevity of sport.” Beckie Scott, 2002 Olympic gold medalist in cross-country skiing and a stalwart in the international anti-doping movement, reflects on the value of having athletes engaged in decision-making in a special edition of the SIRCuit.