The Sport Information Resource Centre
The Sport Information Resource Centre

2020/2021 Match Grant Projects

SIRC is excited to support the following projects through the 2020/2021 Match Grant program:

  • The Race, Gender, and Leadership Equity in Sport Project – Black Canadian Coaches Association, University of Toronto, University of Windsor
  • Girls on Ice!  Motivation and Role models in women’s hockey – Hockey Canada, Hockey Quebec, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Beyond the Medals: A cross-sectional study investigating retired high performance female athletes’ health – Rowing Canada, Rugby Canada, Western University
  • Changes in physical activity after immigrating to Canada: Iranian women’s views towards active lifestyles – Canadian Women & Sport, University of Ottawa
  • Create an Evidence-Based Impact Assessment Tool – Fast and Female, University of Toronto
  • A Mentee Training Resource for the CAC’s Mentorship Programs – Coaching Association of Canada, Cape Breton University
  • “That’s a Blue for You”: Referee Experiences Managing Concussion Injury Risk in Canadian Amateur Rugby – Rugby Canada, Rugby Ontario, University of Toronto
  • Who is Climbing? Understanding Participants Within Climbing Escalade Canada – Climbing Escalade Canada, University of Waterloo
  • Understanding female participation in golf across Ontario – Golf Ontario, University of Windsor
  • Using the kinetic profile of vertical jumping tasks to identify if differences exist between age cohorts within Field Hockey Canada’s female high-performance development pathway athletes – Field Hockey Canada, Field Hockey Ontario, University of Toronto

Outcomes and key learnings will be disseminated by project partners and SIRC, and shared at SIRC’s 2021 Sport Canada Research Initiative Conference in October 2021.