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Ultimate Canada – January 27th, 2016, Ottawa, ON – Ultimate Canada wishes to congratulate the team NSOM (QC) on winning the Ultimate Canada 2015 Spirit of the Game (SOTG) Award.

This last summer, NSOM won the SOTG award at the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC) in the Open Masters division while managing a 3rd place finish. NSOM is the only team in the history of CUC to win the SOTG awards three years in a row (2013-15), achieved while competing at the highest levels, including a 2nd place in 2013 and 3rd place in 2014 and 2015. This reinforces NSOM strict adherence to winning while respecting the SOTG.

NSOM has made SOTG an integral part of its program since its debut in 2010. SOTG is documented as part of the playbook, and the team provides guidance to its players in regards to the meaning of spirited play. NSOM has also strongly encouraged players to improve their knowledge of the rules, allowing players on NSOM to improve their ability to discuss calmly with their opponent during any game in any tournament.

Since 2013, NSOM has nominated SOTG captains who have taken ownership of measures taken by NSOM to play according to the SOTG.

As part of its SOTG program, at major tournaments (CUC, World Ultimate Championship, Panamerican Ultimate Championship), NSOM has reinstated the spirit circle (aka the circle of truth) where NSOM shared their view of the game just played, and provided sincere and constructive feedback to the other team to ensure continuous improvement with respect to SOTG. In addition NSOM players remain very active throughout the recreational leagues and pass on their SOTG values to the players they get to play with and against.

In 2015, NSOM has lost one of their key SOTG ambassador when Dominique Roy passed away in a tragic car accident while driving to a tournament. An Association d’Ultimate de Montreal (AUM) Hall of Fame Inductee, Dom embodied the love of the game and the true meaning of SOTG. It is a great tribute to him for NSOM to receive the SOTG honours in 2015.

Ultimate (Frisbee), is one of the fastest growing sports in the country with more than 40,000 players in Canada. The annual UC Awards program highlights individuals and teams that contributed to the development and excellence of Ultimate in Canada.

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