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Golf Ontario – BOND HEAD — The George S. Lyon Team Championship returned to the Golf Ontario schedule, on May 31, as 22 teams looked to claim the top prize. The event was not played in 2015 in order to accommodate a move in the schedule from the fall to the spring. By making the move, Golf Ontario hoped it would encourage more club participation. If 2016 was any indication, clubs certainly sent their best to compete for the title.

Conditions were windy as 87 players teed off at The Club at Bond Head. The wind would be an issue that participants battled throughout the round. When all of the cards were in and tallied, it was the team from the Sarnia Golf & Country Club who finished on top at a combined 18-over (306) to take the championship.

Sarnia was lead by Heath McCormick who had the low round of the day at one-under (71) and won the Crofton Harvey Shield. McCormick credited his round to a 100-foot eagle putt on his second hole of the day, the par-five ninth, that gave him momentum moving forward. The rest of Sarnia’s results were also strong. Next on the team was Eric Pattenaude at three-over (75), followed by Ethan O’Meara at seven-over (79) and Brian Reinholt at nine-over (81).

After the win, McCormick spoke about what the win means to the team and their club. “It feels really nice to do something like this for our club. They are an awesome club and all of the members are very supportive. We weren’t sure if we were quite good enough but my card was the last to go in, so at that point we started to think we might have it. The guys had been following it on their phones as the scores came in and then we started to get texts from friends back home, so it was pretty special.”

Finishing second was the team from Weston Golf & Country Club. The team was made up of: Justin Allen at one-over (73), Keith Joel at six-over (78), Steven Poulos at seven-over (79) and Will Gavarkovs at seven-over (79).

Rounding out the top three was the team from Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club, the defending champions of the event. Their team was made up of: Marc St-Germain at four-over (76), Cole Hague at five-over (77), Robert Gibson at five-over (77) and Joseph Kremer at nine-over (81).  

George S. Lyon Club Team Championship

For full results, including the final leaderboards, see the tournament site at:

Golf Ontario would like to thank The Club at Bond Head for hosting the event along with their staff. Thanks also to the Golf Ontario volunteers for their continued support.

About the George S. Lyon Team Championship

The George S. Lyon Team Championship was first played in 1931 and ran consecutively until 2000. Originally an inter-club championship, the event was reinstated in 2006 and is named after 1904 Olympic Golf gold medalist George S. Lyon, who still stands as the reigning Olympic champion of the sport. After a one-year hiatus in 2015, to accommodate a move from the fall to the spring, the George S. Lyon resumed in 2016.


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Results for contest Team:
 1   Brian Reinholt Heath McCormick Eric Pattenaude Ethan O'Meara  306 +18 
 2   Steven Poulos Justin Allen Keith Joel Will Gavarkovs          309 +21 
 3   Joseph Kremer Cole Hague Marc St-Germain Robert Gibson        311 +23 
 4   Peter McCarthy Richard Turner Kevin McLafferty Riley Goss     312 +24 
 5   Rickey Gay James Krantz Matthew Shubley Mark Kalbfleisch      314 +26 
 6   Mathew Durisin Marc Gallo Johnathan Torchia Paul Gallo        315 +27 
 7   Mark Brewer Mark Burrell Brad Haley Wade Brackenbury          316 +28 
 8   Russell Bowie Rick Dodds-Hebron Bob Little Bubber Saurav      318 +30 
 9   Darren Morris Mike Kotsos Rick Cody Adam Salisbury            323 +35 
 10  Andrew Crampton Paul Stevens Mark Atkinson Ryan Ahrens        324 +36 
 11  David Wodar Matthew Sim Cam Chapman Steve Janicki             326 +38 
 12  Brandon Lustig Isaiah Crystal Ari Fine Jordan Klein           328 +40 
 13  Tim Caine Alistair Varley Andy Earle Mike Jones               329 +41 
 14  Kevin Fawcett Kevin Bryce David Larkin Henry Luel             330 +42 
 15  Marc Savard Kyle Campbell Dominic Marchesano Joel Smith       331 +43 
 16  Rick Robinson Todd McKay Robert Kelly Nic Mazze               337 +49 
 17  Phil Lee Josh Wise Graham Card Peter Holland                  341 +53 
 T18 Blaine Fredrickson Chris Tortorice David MacKinnon Ian Brown  342 +54 
 T18 T.J. Rule Craig Stovel Brian Porter Bryan Levy                342 +54 
 20  Frank Vrabel Michael Thompson Bryan Ward Jesse Uhrich         345 +57 


Results for contest Individual:
 1   Heath McCormick      71 -1  
 2   James Krantz         72 E   
 T3  Bryan Ward           73 +1  
 T3  Justin Allen         73 +1  
 T5  Brandon Lustig       74 +2  
 T5  Adam Salisbury       74 +2  
 T7  Kevin Fawcett        75 +3  
 T7  Peter McCarthy       75 +3  
 T7  Eric Pattenaude      75 +3  
 T7  Riley Goss           75 +3  
 T7  Christopher Kertsos  75 +3  
 T7  Marc Savard          75 +3  
 T7  Matthew Shubley      75 +3  
 T7  Rick Dodds-Hebron    75 +3  
 T15 Marc St-Germain      76 +4  
 T15 Marc Gallo           76 +4  
 T17 Bubber Saurav        77 +5  
 T17 Michael Zizek        77 +5  
 T17 Cole Hague           77 +5  
 T17 Robert Gibson        77 +5  
 T21 Brad Haley           78 +6  
 T21 Matthew Sim          78 +6  
 T21 Keith Joel           78 +6  
 T21 Johnathan Torchia    78 +6  
 T21 Ryan Ahrens          78 +6  
 T21 T.J. Rule            78 +6  
 T21 Mark Brewer          78 +6  
 T28 Tim Caine            79 +7  
 T28 Cam Chapman          79 +7  
 T28 Ethan O'Meara        79 +7  
 T28 Steven Poulos        79 +7  
 T28 Will Gavarkovs       79 +7  
 T28 Nic Mazze            79 +7  
 T28 Isaiah Crystal       79 +7  
 T35 Richard Turner       80 +8  
 T35 Paul Stevens         80 +8  
 T35 Wade Brackenbury     80 +8  
 T35 Paul Gallo           80 +8  
 T35 Mark Burrell         80 +8  
 T35 Rick Robinson        80 +8  
 T41 Kevin Bryce          81 +9  
 T41 Joseph Kremer        81 +9  
 T41 Alistair Varley      81 +9  
 T41 Andy Earle           81 +9  
 T41 Brian Reinholt       81 +9  
 T41 Rickey Gay           81 +9  
 T41 Mike Kotsos          81 +9  
 T41 Mathew Durisin       81 +9  
 T41 Rick Cody            81 +9  
 T41 Blaine Fredrickson   81 +9  
 T51 Russell Bowie        82 +10 
 T51 Kevin McLafferty     82 +10 
 T51 Mark Atkinson        82 +10 
 T51 Phil Lee             82 +10 
 T51 Kyle Campbell        82 +10 
 T51 Bryan Levy           82 +10 
 T57 Chris Tortorice      83 +11 
 T57 David Wodar          83 +11 
 T59 Andrew Crampton      84 +12 
 T59 Michael Thompson     84 +12 
 T59 Bob Little           84 +12 
 T59 Todd McKay           84 +12 
 T63 David Larkin         85 +13 
 T63 Jordan Klein         85 +13 
 T65 Steve Janicki        86 +14 
 T65 Graham Card          86 +14 
 T65 Dominic Marchesano   86 +14 
 T65 Mark Kalbfleisch     86 +14 
 T65 Ken McKay            86 +14 
 T65 Peter Holland        86 +14 
 T71 Darren Morris        87 +15 
 T71 David MacKinnon      87 +15 
 T71 Josh Wise            87 +15 
 T71 Todd Gerrard         87 +15 
 T75 Mike Jones           88 +16 
 T75 Joel Smith           88 +16 
 T77 Henry Luel           89 +17 
 T77 Brian Porter         89 +17 
 79  Ari Fine             90 +18 
 80  Ian Brown            91 +19 
 81  Frank Vrabel         92 +20 
 T82 Craig Stovel         93 +21 
 T82 Don Lang             93 +21 
 84  Robert Kelly         94 +22 
 85  Geoff Carnevale      95 +23 
 86  Jesse Uhrich         96 +24 
     Steven Tallis               
     Mackenzie Carter            
     Craig Conroy