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 Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada – RA Announces Plans on a New House of Sport 
An Innovative, Collaborative and Connected Sport Community like no other!
(Ottawa, ON) July 4, 2016 – The Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (also known as the RA or RA Centre), a local not-for-profit, is excited to announce the development of a House of Sport commencing in the summer of 2016 at 2451 Riverside Drive. Beginning in July 2016 the RA will begin pre-construction preparation for the commencement of construction in October 2016 of the House of Sport. The House of Sport will be located in the west wing of the RA Centre and will offer National (NSO) and Multi-Sport (MSO) organizations the opportunity to house their national offices. This innovative and collaborative community will provide NSOs and MSOs a feature rich environment for collaboration, innovation and efficiencies. For additional design information please visit our project page at
A house of sport, as a general concept, is a collection of sports federations, associations and organizations that have adjacent office space contained in one building (the “house”).  This vibrant, community sports hub, to be developed at the RA Centre will be the first of its kind in Canada to implement new and innovative office design concepts. A house of sport in Ottawa can be regarded as both an economic development and tourism enhancement opportunity for the region. This cluster of sports entities includes professional staff that brings economic vitality to the city, while staging important sports events in the city that provide increased economic impact and tourism activity.
“The RA is excited to be able to contribute to sport in Ottawa. Sport creates belonging, builds pride and used intentionally, contributes to character development,” says Tosha Rhodenizer, CEO of the RA, “for us, this project strengthens our tie to sport, while helping to solidify our regions connection to NSOs and MSOs who contribute $76 million to our economy.”
The RA with the support of key stakeholders, will re-capitalize 36,000 sq. ft of the West Wing of the RA Centre with the purpose to house roughly fifteen (15) NSOs and MSOs. These not for profit sport organizations will benefit from leveraging economies of scale and efficiencies by sharing common elements such as meeting rooms, reception facilities, conference halls, a coffee bar, technologies and many other resources.  In turn, the RA and its 22,000 members reinforce an already strong connection to sport in the community. Beyond the increased economic benefits, the community will benefit in dozens of intangible ways, whether it’s through increased volunteerism and civic pride or by promoting the city as a great place to visit when foreigners come for a sports-related events. Local residents – particularly children – could also benefit from the NSOs’ and MSOs’ mandate to increase participation in their sports through accessible local programs.
Over the coming months the RA will be making special announcements regarding support for the House of Sport project and updates in the construction of the space.
About the RA
A member supported not-for-profit organization; the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada (best known as the RA or RA Centre) operates a multi-sport, recreation and leisure facility conveniently located in the heart of Ottawa. With a deep and quality laden line-up of fitness programs, sports leagues designed for adults, summer camps for children and youth and clubs for all ages, the RA is an environment that values fun, respect and excellence.  RA members celebrate in a social atmosphere with a new story created each day.  Supporting these stories is the ability for members and the public to access services from the RA’s Events and Conference team offering quality food and beverages. With a proud legacy of community engagement that embodies a clear passion for excellence in sport, the RA has much to offer the sport community.
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