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Softball Ontario – Toronto, ON- Softball Ontario would like to recognize U6, U8, U10 and U12 Pitchers in Ontario for their season of pitching with a FREE CANpitch T-shirt!  Be sure to nominate your favorite pitcher by highlighting their success story for the 2016 softball season.  CANpitch T-shirts are limited so get your nomination form in now!

What is CANpitch?

CANpitch was created to introduce and develop the fundamental skills of windmill pitching to Ontario’s children and youth. CANpitch Regional Pitching Instructors (RPI’s) teach a nationally standardized curriculum founded in Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles that reflects an athlete-centered approach to learning. 

If you are interested in Softball Ontario’s CANpitch clinics, here is the link to more information:

Who can be nominated for a FREE CANpitch T-shirt?

Pitchers who are eligible for a FREE CANpitch T-shirt include:
U6 Pitchers – FUNdamentals
U8 Pitchers- FUNdamentals
U10 Pitchers- Learn2Train
U12 Pitchers- Learn2Train

When can I nominate my favorite FUNdamentals and/or Learn2Train Pitcher?

Softball Ontario is accepting nominations for FUNdamentals and Learn2Train Pitchers from July 1st to September 30, 2016.

Why should I nominate a FUNdamentals and/or Learn2Train Pitcher?

As part of Long Term Player Development, it is important to recognize our young pitchers for their personal success stories & achievements to keep them actively pitching for life.  It will only take a few minutes to complete the online form to nominate your FUNdamentals and/or Learn2Train Pitcher today!

How do I nominate a FUNdamentals and/or Learn2Train Pitcher for a FREE CANpitch T-shirt?

It is as easy as clicking here and following the instructions within the On-line Form!
For more information about nominating a FUNdamentals and/or Learn2Train Pitcher, or Softball Ontario’s CANpitch Program, please contact Steph Sutton via email at