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Manitoba Soccer Association – The Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA) is pleased to announce that Michael Ojo and Josh Marius have been invited into the Vancouver Whitecaps Pre-Residency program. Josh and Michael join a growing list of Manitoba players who have recently joined the residency program.

Josh and Michael were both identified in the Manitoba Residency Prospects Centre during a routine visit from Whitecaps Football Club technical staff.  The players were tracked throughout the year and in March at the Whitecaps Football Club’s High Potential player tournament the boys performed very well landing them an invite to the residency program.

MSA Technical Director, Marinos Papageorgopoulos, commented, “Two years ago the MSA implemented a new program structure and build a partnership with the Vancouver Whitecaps. I am happy to say that the relationship is already bearing fruits. Congratulations to Bonivital and South End for the development of both Michael and Josh and helping these two players down their new pathway. I believe that this is the essence of true success for every amateur club.”

MSA Executive Director, Héctor Vergara, added, “Josh and Michael have worked extremely hard to develop their game and this is a testament to the many years of training at Community Centre, District Club, League competition and Provincial levels in order to achieve their goals. We are very proud of them and are sure they will represent Manitoba well.”

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