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Ringette Canada – London, Ontario – April 9, 2016 – All-stars were named tonight at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Canadian ringette championships in London, Ontario.

The Canadian ringette championships are designed to crown champions in the U16, U19 and National Ringette League (19+) divisions; to provide fun, friendship and fitness to participating players; and to encourage ringette across Canada. The performance awards recognize excellence in the sport of ringette.

While the championships hope to stimulate ringette participation in Canada, they also carry the important goal of promoting excellence in competitive ringette – team excellence and individual excellence. Criteria for being awarded a performance award include: general excellence, specialized skills in her position, contribution to team success, capacity for fair play, and sportsmanship. 

Agnes Jacks True Sport awards were also presented in each division. Winners included Manitoba U16 , Alberta Blue in the U19 division and Calgary RATH in the National Ringette League division.   

All-stars were presented to:


First all-star team: 
Offence: Emily Powers –  Mississauga

Offence: Mégane Fortin – Équipe Québec

Offence: Milica Oravec –  Team Manitoba

Defence: Jaycee Cale – Team Saskatchewan

Defence: Danielle Demetrioff – BVRA Angels

Goalie: Marie-Ève Dubé – Équipe Québec

Second all-star team:

Offence: Laura Soper – Mississauga

Offence: Haleigh Cole – London

Offence: Anatonia Hood – St. Albert Mission 

Defence: Jenna Wolsey – Calgary Blue

Defence: Laurence St-Denis – Équipe Québec

Goalie: Karrie Burling – BVRA Angels


First all-star team:

Offence: Amy Kolesnik – Nepean Ravens

Offence: Alana Lesperance – Team Manitoba

Offence: Marie-Pier Blanchard – Équipe Québec

Defence: Cass Speek – Team Ontario

Defence: Melissa Misutka – Team Alberta

Goalie: Kianna Assenheimer – Zone 5

Second all-star team:

Offence: Serena Gucciardi – Guelph Predators 

Offence: Erin Markle – Team Ontario

Offence: Abbey Nimegeers – Team Saskatachewan

Defence: Brynn Lunn – Team Alberta

Defence: Natasha Harding – Calgary Blue

Goalie: Karlee Sutton – Team Ontario



First all-star team:

Offence: Kelsey Youldon – Gloucester Devils

Offence: Jacqueline Gaudet – Cambridge Turbos

Offence: Kaitlyn Youldon – Gloucester Devils

Defence: Sydney Granger – Cambridge Turbos

Defence: Jenna Debaji – Edmonton WAM!

Goalie: Laurie Mathieu – Montreal Mission

Second all-star team:

Offence: Shaundra Bruvall – Calgary  RATH

Offence: Julie Blanchette – Montreal Mission

Offence: Dailyn Bell – Edmonton WAM!

Defence: Kaylin Bechard – Edmonton Black Gold Rush

Defence: Jenna McBride – Ottawa Ice

Goalie: Jasmine Leblanc – Gloucester Devils

About Ringette

Ringette is a Canadian sport that was invented in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario by the late Sam Jacks. There are currently nearly 30,000 players on nearly 2,000 teams across Canada, with over 1,500 officials and nearly 8000 coaches. Internationally, it is played in more than a half a dozen other countries around the world. Ringette has been designated a Heritage Sport by Sport Canada and as part of the Sport for Life movement, ringette is well advanced at adapting Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model. For more information, please refer to the Ringette Canada Web site at


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