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March 2023 SIRCuit Summaries

Taking a person-first approach to high performance sport in Canada

Over the course of 2022, athletes and supporters have consistently raised concerns about maltreatment and lack of transparency within Canadian sport. In this SIRCuit article, Teddy Katz dives into the status of high performance sport culture in Canada, including past and current issues, as well as positive shifts in direction by individuals and organizations.

“They’re not yelling at you. They’re yelling at your shirt”: Canadian sport system faces officiating crisis

Female referee making a call during a volleyball game

The Canadian sport system is staring down an officiating crisis as numbers are in steep decline due to a combination of abuse, lack of support from organizations and lack of compensation. In this SIRCuit article, Caela Fenton speaks to officials from various sports across the country to get their perspectives on potential solutions, including the key role that parents play in modelling appropriate sideline behaviour.

How the sport system can best support lifelong participation in sport

Sport systems and organizations tend to put significant emphasis on youth participation and development. This is a great thing. But we can’t overlook the importance of engaging and retaining adult sport participants too. In this SIRCuit article, Bettina Callary discusses how the Canadian sport system can better support lifelong participation, in particular by understanding the needs of Masters athletes and older adults.

What parents and guardians need to know to create positive youth sport experiences

Back view of male parents cheering their childrens playing football in school.

It’s no surprise that parental behaviour (be it good or bad) has developmental influence on youth athletes. In this SIRCuit article, Alex Murata outlines factors within the contemporary sport context that foster negative parental behaviours and offers practical tips to both parents and organizations on fostering supportive parent-athlete relationships.

Creating welcoming, equitable spaces for new Canadians in sport

Children playing at Winnipeg Newcomer Sport Academy

Sport can help to promote physical and mental health, build social connections and support integration into Canadian communities among newcomers to Canada. Newcomers also face unique barriers to participation, including cost, transportation, language, access to information, racism and more. In this SIRCuit article, Veronica Allan speaks to newcomers in participant, parent, and coaching roles in the Canadian sport system to discuss the benefits, challenges, and opportunities of sport for newcomers