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2023 Spring SIRCuit Summaries 

Cannabis and sport: What athletes and sport organizations need to know 

American football on field with goal post in background.In October of 2018, recreational cannabis use became legal across all of Canada for individuals who are 19 years and older. Data gathered from the years following the legalization of recreational cannabis suggest that one quarter of all Canadian adults, and nearly half of all Canadians aged 20-24, have used cannabis in the past year. But what should athletes be considering when it comes to using or avoiding cannabis? In this SIRCuit article, Christian Cheung provides a research-informed exploration of the current state of cannabis use in relation to sport in Canada and advice on how sport organizations should approach the topic of cannabis with athletes. 

A theory of change for Canadian sport: Dorothy Paul on culture change 

Canadian sport is undergoing cultural change. In this SIRCuit article, SIRC interviewed Indigenous sport leader, Dorothy Paul, to gain her insight on how to best conceptualize system change within the sport sector. Paul calls upon the 2 Loops Theory of Change, as well as her own experience as an athlete, administrator and mentor. 


Clearing the air around air quality and outdoor sport safety 

A cyclist rides near industrial smokestacks

While there is a broad understanding of how to protect sport participants from environmental events like lightning, few people know what to do when the air quality is poor. This SIRCuit article highlights key information about air pollution and the safety of outdoor sport participation, and outlines strategies that sport stakeholders can implement to help protect sport participants from the harmful effects of air pollution. 

Safe, quality, and values-based: 3 approaches to optimize sport experience 

These are so many terms used within the sport sector to discuss the different ways in which sport delivery, programs, and culture are approached. Whether you are new to working in sport, or an experienced staff member, participant, or even sport parent, it’s not uncommon to hear these terms used and feel a sense of confusion. What do they mean? Why are they important? And most importantly, how can you implement them? In this SIRCuit article, SIRC’s own Jennifer Coletti and Veronica Allan explore 3 approaches: quality sport, values-based sport and safe sport. They define these approaches, what the evidence says about them, and map out how they are similar or different from one another other. 

A culture change is coming in youth sport: How sport organizations can incorporate Sport for Development strategies 

Youth athletes wearing orange shirts and holding lacrosse sticksIn a grassroots youth context, Sport for Development is as much about providing a supportive environment where youth can develop as people, as it is a place to train and compete. This SIRCuit article draws on recent insights from the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Foundation’s Change the Culture, Change the Game report. It extends the practical recommendations and approaches voiced by over 8,200 youth and parents in Ontario for sport organizations and administrations looking to act on advancing a more positive culture for youth in sport.