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Football Canada – Ottawa, ON (April 4, 2018) –  A number of changes, clarifications and corrections were approved to the Canadian Amateur Tackle Football Rule Book. The changes are for immediate distribution and implementation. They will be added to the next printable edition of the rule book in April 2018.

The changes include:
  • Clarifications on the clock management during the mercy rule
  • Possibility for inappropriately numbered players to report once for a full series or the full game
  • Changes in the stance and motion rules for offensive linemen before the bal is snapped
  • The creation of a new rule on “Targeting”
  • The creation of a new “Safety Section” < >The rules identified in this section are for the safety of the athlete and cannot be changed, modified or deleted without written authorization from Football Canada. Failure to comply to these rules will results in sanctions.Some exceptions apply to the USports, CJFL and CEGEP levels2018 Tackle Rule Change

2018 Safety Rules

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