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Coaching Association of Canada – (OTTAWA – December 20, 2017) Since the Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) first launched just 18 months ago, more than 100 sport organizations have pledged their support to the initiative and to keep sport healthy and safe.

The goal of the RCM is to protect kids and coaches involved in sport, both on and off the field of play. While the majority of coaches are dedicated to the overall wellbeing of their athletes, the RCM addresses the need to maintain an ethical relationship between coach and athlete. It supports coaches with training and knowledge to ensure that participation occurs in a safe, healthy, and fun sport environment.

The Responsible Coaching Movement pledge is a good first step for sport groups to ensure all coaches and athletes are protected,” says Lorraine Lafrenière, Chief Executive Officer of the CAC. “With that commitment, we want them to feel supported. That’s why we’ve provided a range of resources that help with the implementation phase of the RCM, and beyond.”

For Rugby Canada, taking the pledge is a powerful message to its athletes, parents, and coaches.

“Rugby Canada has long maintained that Player Welfare is our sport’s number one priority, from our Rookie Rugby programs all the way to our National teams,” stated Rugby Canada’s Chief Executive Officer Allen Vansen.  “We all have a responsibility in sport to ensure we create the safest environment possible for our youth to participate in. The Responsible Coaching Movement has allowed Rugby Canada to ensure that our policies and practices are up to date and current with the latest standards, ensuring we create the best environment for our athletes and coaches to safely enjoy our sport.”

Among the more than 100 RCM Champions is Gymnastics Canada, who is committed to providing a safe environment for the sport.

The safety and well-being of our participants are high priorities for our organization and something we take very seriously,” says Peter Nicol, President/Chief Executive Officer of Gymnastics Canada. “We believe strongly in the Responsible Coaching Movement as an agent for change and are very proud to be a part of the movement.”

Sheldon Kennedy Applauds Milestone

A supporter of the RCM since its inception, Respect Group Co-Founder Sheldon Kennedy applauds the recent 100 Champions milestone.

“For years, Respect Group has been working to prevent all forms of child maltreatment in sport. The Responsible Coaching Movement has significantly increased that awareness, for Canadian sport leaders, to make it a priority,” says Kennedy, who’s also a board director for the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre. “I commend the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport for their unwavering commitment, through the RCM, to put the safety of our kids at the forefront. I also congratulate them on reaching 100 sport organizations that have signed the RCM pledge. It is an amazing milestone and….a great day for Canadian Sport.”



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About the Responsible Coaching Movement
The RCM is a multi-phase, system-wide movement, coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, which has the potential to affect all sport organizations and coaches. Resulting from extensive ongoing consultation with the Canadian Sport Community, the RCM encourages the commitment and implementation of supportive policies to ensure the safety and protection of athletes and coaches, both on and off the field of play.


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