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This article presents a case study of how stakeholder collaborations can maximize engagement. The case is based off of a collaboration between the Sport Information Resource Centre and Dr. Ann Pegararo from Laurentian University exploring an analysis of social media communications around important announcements in the conversation around concussion in sport.

Debra Gassewitz and Ann Pegararo present at the 2017 SCRI Conference

Learnings show:

  • Analytics help identify social media influencers
  • Working together to build and expand the network
  • Using the data to report on impact, reach, engagement with funders, stakeholders, sponsors
  • Communication Strategies for sport, policy & programs

Social Listening Analytics:

  • Listen: identify communities, influencers and connections
  • Learn: what is being shared in communities/by influencers, what questions are asked,
  • Lead: with relevant content for communities/influencers
  • The SIRC Partnership: continue to listen to the dialog around concussions and feed analytics into communications plan (learn), bringing academic research/analysis to strategic decision making process (lead)

2017 Sport Canada Research Initiative (SCRI) Conference Knowledge Transfer Presentation

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