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Team Manitoba – Team Manitoba had another strong showing today in the pool and in canoe/kayak, despite many events being delayed, postponed, or cancelled due to inclement weather.

Mia West increased her medal count in swimming to 7 golds and 2 silvers, anchoring more relay teams and giving more great performances in individual events.

Quinlan Roberts picked up a gold in the 100m Freestyle special O, and Erik Mattson took inspiration from her success to pick up two silver medals in Freestyle Special O.

Gold Medalists

Women’s Canoe 1 200m
Naomi Stevens

Women’s 100m Freestyle
Mia West

Women’s 100m Freestyle Special O
Quinlan Roberts

Women’s 50m Freestyle
Mia West

Women’s 50m Freestyle Special O
Quinlan Roberts

Men’s 50m Freestyle
Dylan Montemurro-Anderson


Silver Medalists

Women’s Kayak 4 500m Crew
Keyra Miller-St.Onge, Paige Ellison, Chantal Ip, Breanna Rempel

Women’s Canoe 4 500m Crew
Vanessa Sarantidis, Kailee Ip, Abby Pott, Naomi Stevens

Women’s 100m Freestyle
Lara Hodges

Men’s 100m Freestyle Special O
Erik Mattson

Men’s 50m Freestyle Special O
Erik Mattson

Bronze Medalists

Men’s Kayak 4 500m Crew
Sacha Skirzyk, Simon Hunt, Owen Gaunt and Devon Hopwood

Mens’s Canoe 4 500m Crew    
Merritt Boning, Mowgli Seremak, Owen Ranville and Noah Lamontagne-Badiou

Men’s 800m Freestyle
Eric Dupre

Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay
Lara Hodges, Rhade Kostelnyk, Simon Chin, Maggie Sutherland

Women’s 50m Freestyle
Maggie Sutherland

Women 4x100m Medley Relay
Allie Gauthier, Lauren Witwicki, Amy Becker, Anine van den Heever

Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay
Eric Dupre, Rhade Kostelnyk, Simon Chin, Edward Molloy.


Additional photos may be available later today upon request. 
Photo credit: Sport Manitoba


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Games Assistant, Sport Manitoba
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