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April 28, 2021 – The Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) is committed to sharing relevant knowledge to sport leaders using a variety of mediums including newsletters, webinars, workshops, keynotes, educational sessions, and blogs.

We each have our own way of coping with adversity, challenges, and loss. Grief is our natural response to loss and can be experienced at the somatic, psychosocial, spiritual and emotional level. With the pandemic continuing to weigh on our shoulders, it isn’t surprising that people are feeling a range of emotions. From feeling lonely and scared to feeling hopeful and grateful, we have witnessed sport leaders, coaches and athletes sharing their unique experiences during our sessions.  It is by acknowledging the weight of ‘what is’ that we can move towards how we are longing ‘to be’. The SLSG Integral Coaches have been supporting leaders throughout the pandemic and understand the importance of bringing loss literacy to our work.

In this blog, SLSG Partner Dina Bell-Laroche continues to openly tackle the stigma associated with grief and loss. She sheds light on the topic of disenfranchised grief, also known as hidden grief, which is any grief that is not socially accepted or recognized. Too often during the pandemic, Integral Coaches have heard people say, “at least I don’t have COVID” or question “who am I to feel this sad … it’s just sport … what’s wrong with me?” Minimizing each other’s experiences makes it even more difficult to process and work through our losses in a healthy and integrated way. When we feel disenfranchised, we alienate the parts of our soul that are longing to be recognized. Dina reassures readers that all loss is valid and every person experiencing loss, has the right to grieve. She provides 5 grief wisdoms that offer hope and practical ways to companioning others.

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