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June 21, 2021 – Sport Law (formerly the Sport Law & Strategy Group) is committed to sharing relevant knowledge to sport leaders using a variety of mediums including newsletters, webinars, workshops, keynotes, educational sessions and blogs.

Canadian Sport, and arguably the country as a whole, is in a deep state of transition. And with any transition come loss and grief.  In her latest blog, Dina Bell-Laroche, helps us find language to describe often un-expressed emotions.  By expressing our lived experiences, we can begin to make sense of what is causing tension and keeping us stuck.

One issue Dina focuses on in this blog is the idea that tension exists in a continuum with one end resulting in “generative tension” or productive and creative tension, and the other resulting in maltreatment and conflict.  Dina’s experience is that many issues on the maltreatment end of the continuum may be better dealt with through proactive
leadership training that supports greater self-awareness, enhanced communication, and deeper empathy.

To discover the ways in which Sport Law provides support and training to navigating this tension or conflict continuum, you can read the blog here.

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