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Sport For Life  Society – Dear Sport for Life Champion,
We would like to share with you information about initiatives, resources and educational opportunities that will help you to improve the quality of sport and physical literacy in your organization and community!
Welcome All Abilities

Sport for Life’s vision is for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in quality sport and physical literacy experiences.
In our efforts to reduce inequalities for persons with disabilities, Sport for Life partnered with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities to develop a new e-learning resource for sport and physical activity leaders, called “Welcome All Abilities”; part of a larger “Coaching Kids of All Abilities” resource. This resource is intended to provide coaches and youth leaders with practical information and tools to ensure their sports are inclusive, so every child has a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Popping the Bubble Wrap: Making Space for Risky Play

It used to be normal for children to spend long hours outdoors and away from watchful adults. Today, children spend more time indoors and in supervised, structured activities. The evidence is clear that children need regular and repeated access to outdoor play—with its risks—yet also indicates that children’s engagement in it has never been lower. This interactive session with Dr. Mariana Brussoni will explore the effects of changing childhoods, as well as strategies to restore balance. 
Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019, 4–5:30 p.m. PST.

Preschool Physical Literacy Assessment (Pre PLAy)

Sport for Life and the INCH Lab from McMaster University have developed the Preschool Physical Literacy Assessment (Pre PLAy)—an observation tool that measures a child’s physical literacy capabilities. It’s designed to be used in early childcare settings as they offer important opportunities to support children in developing their physical literacy. 
With Pre PLAy, early years providers take a holistic view of the child, considering their movement competence while also addressing how much motivation and enjoyment a child is observed having. Pre PLAy will give early years providers and parents a good sense of how children are developing physical literacy to have a strong foundation for future healthy physical behaviours.

International Physical Literacy Conference 2019 in Winnipeg

Sport for Life is thrilled to be hosting the International Physical Literacy Conference 2019 in Winnipeg, bringing together delegates and subject matter experts from around the world to discuss how to further mobilize physical literacy knowledge.
Held from May 7 to 10, the conference’s theme is “Moving Forward Together”. We’ll be discussing physical literacy in a variety of contexts, looking at it as a fundamental human right. We’ll examine its impacts on health, wellness and education, discuss how physical literacy learning can be made more inclusive, and lay out frameworks for people of all ages to remain active throughout their lives.

Movement Preparation Part 1

This self-paced e-learning course is the first in a three-part training program which shows coaches, teachers and recreational leaders how to effectively integrate physical literacy movement preparation into their day-to-day training in order to increase the durability and performance of athletes while decreasing their risk of injury.
In Part 1, you will be introduced to the concept of movement preparation, identifying key components, explaining the role it plays in the development of physical literacy, and providing practical strategies for integrating movement preparation into sport and recreation programs, supporting the development of physical literacy. 
This course was developed in part with Canada Soccer as part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™ Legacy program with the financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

This document presents a vision for reversing the trend towards obesity, inactivity, and sedentary behaviour in Canada. It is about a future Canada characterized not by chronic disease and sedentary behaviour, but instead by regular physical activity and prolonged health on a mass scale. It is about reframing our attitudes towards activity and aging to foster individuals who are “durable by design.” It is about partners working together to provide fun, engaging, flexible and practical approaches to physical activity that help individuals remain resilient to injury and illness. This is the vision of a more physically literate Canada: one where every individual has the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activity for life.

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