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Creating a safe and welcoming environment, free from abuse and harassment, is a priority of the Canadian sport system and the Government of Canada.

In December, 2019, the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS, version 5.1) was released, the culmination of extensive consultation and collaboration with the national sport community.

At this time, the UCCMS Leadership Group – an informal partnership of athletes and representatives from National Sport Organizations (NSOs), Multi-sport Service Organizations (MSOs), the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN), subject matter experts, and Sport Canada – is seeking a contractor to provide an independent analysis of existing research and evidence-informed best practices to inform the identification of the most appropriate and effective mechanism(s) and approach to independently administer and enforce the UCCMS at the national level in Canada.

The resulting analysis, along with recommendations and additional input from the national sport community, will inform Sport Canada’s identification of proposed requirements, necessary structure, and key responsibilities and services that would be mandatory for an independent body to administer the UCCMS for federally funded sport organizations.

The Request for Proposal process and the subsequent contract will be managed by the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) on behalf of the UCCMS Leadership Group, with funding from the Government of Canada.

Download the full Request for Proposals for more information on the scope of work, timelines and submission process. The deadline for submissions is 9:00am EDT on June 22, 2020.

Proposals and questions about this Request for Proposals should be directed to Debra Gassewitz, SIRC President and CEO.

About SIRC: Incorporated in 1973, SIRC, the Sport Information Resource Centre, is Canada’s leader and most trusted partner in advancing sport through knowledge and evidence. SIRC is committed to engaging with organizations and individuals involved in the development of sport, recreation and physical education in Canada and around the world, to enhance the capacity of our shared community to foster growth and the pursuit of excellence.