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The Ottawa Sport Council (OSC) recognizes the extraordinary challenges being faced by our members, and we are here to help you recover and rebound.

With support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Communities Fund, the OSC has launched “Rebound” — a free, 6-part program that will run throughout 2021. This program will complement and enhance the resources found in the Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap.

We have teamed up with community leaders to design customized programming that meets the unique needs of local sport clubs and organizations. Experts include Julien Leblanc (bluePrint North America), Dina Bell-Laroche (Sport Law and Strategy Group), and Ottawa Public Health.

Each topic will be covered in two parts: an online seminar with one of the recognized leaders, followed by a separate, “how to” session that focuses on practical applications and lessons learned facilitated by Derek Johnston (Face Value Communications).

Based on feedback from OSC members, the program will cover the following topics:

Strategic PlanningFacilitated by Julien Leblanc, bluePrint North America

Strategic planning workshops will help community sport organizations confirm priorities and revitalize their “go forward” plans. The sessions will give participants the tools and the confidence to realign, repurpose, and communicate their strategic plans as they look to revitalize their organizations over the next 12 to 18 months. The one-day workshop will be delivered on three separate dates: February 20, 26 and 27. Registration will be limited to allow for a personalized approach and small group discussions. The interactive, follow-up discussion is scheduled for March 2021.

Volunteer RecruitmentFacilitated by Dina Bell-Laroche, Sport Law and Strategy Group

The existing challenges of recruiting volunteers in sport have been magnified through the pandemic, and this session will help to identify targeted solutions to help organizations build teams of volunteers that will support recovery and future growth. This session is scheduled for April 2021 and the follow up “how to” discussion for May 2021.

Risk ManagementFacilitated by Dina Bell-Laroche, Sport Law and Strategy Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified existing risks and created new ones for community sport organizations. The risk management session will look at frameworks and processes for identifying, prioritizing, managing, monitoring and communicating risk. This session will share critical knowledge and best practices to support a solid foundation for community sport to regain momentum and build for the future. The risk management session is scheduled for early June 2021 and the “how to” discussion for late June 2021.

Sustainability- Facilitator TBC

Community sport organizations have been operating at significantly reduced capacities, if at all. The sustainability session will help to identify tools and resources to get back on a solid financial footing. The series will focus on affordable programming options within different capacity levels, strategies for long-term sustainability, and available financial support. The sustainability session is scheduled for early September 2021 and the “how to” discussion for late September 2021.

Health & SafetyFacilitated by Ottawa Public Health

The landscape in community sport continues to shift, based on rapidly changing public health guidelines.  This session will offer best practices that support safe and responsible return to play, explore trends within the community, and provide an overview of available resources. The health & safety session is scheduled for October 2021 and the follow up discussion for November 2021.

Roundtable DiscussionFacilitator TBC

To wrap up the Community Sport Resiliency Program, we will offer a special roundtable discussion. This will be an opportunity to revisit any topics previously discussed and/or open the floor to new areas based on evolving conditions in our community. This session is scheduled for December 2021.

Registration for each of the sessions will open separately throughout the year. More details regarding each of the topics, specific dates, the format of the sessions, and how to register will be shared on social media leading up to the event.

Registration for our first event, the Strategic Planning Workshop facilitated by Julien Leblanc, will open on Friday January 29, 2021. Registration will be available on As noted earlier, the one-day workshop will be delivered on three separate dates: February 20, 26 and 27.

For more information on the Ottawa Return to Play Roadmap or our Rebound program, please contact Marcia Morris, Executive Director, Ottawa Sport Council.

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