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In Dina’s new blog she explores the current landscape of sport in light of a global sport system that is seeing disenfranchisement at all levels and that requires space for authentic conversations to happen before restoring trust.

Sport Law has been accompanying sport leaders since 1992, helping them address legal, governance and communications issues. As sport prepares for re-entry after this two-year hibernation, we must acknowledge our current state before restoring trust. As truth seekers, we must be prepared to listen to the voices of those that have been disenfranchised, silenced, or excluded for far too long. We must be willing to review our current state and make strategic and ethical commitments to deal with the fractured relationships and low levels of trust that have plagued sport for several years.

It’s about time that the sport system modernizes its approaches to be inclusive of measuring culture as a form of holistic health. Money, medals and morals … sport’s triple bottom line. The risk of not doing so is being played out and has given rise to our current landscape.

We remain hopeful that sport will modernize its practices, invest in the health of its people, foster cultures of belonging, and reward holistic measurements. To learn more about how to manage by values and support the modernization of the sport system, read more from Dina’s latest blog here.

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