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The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) is an international celebration of Indigenous sport and culture, which features 14 to 16 sport competitions and a cultural festival. Spanning 8 days, the NAIG draws participation of 26 delegations inclusive of 750+ Indigenous Nations from across Canada and the United States of America. The North American Indigenous Games typically involve up to 6,000 participants inclusive of athletes, coaches/managers, chaperones, and cultural performers. The Games are supported by approximately 3,000 volunteers.

The NAIG Council’s new hosting cycle, which begins with the 2027 Games, is restricted to communities from the Canadian Western Region, which includes the Provinces/Territories of Yukon, NWT, BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

On July 12, 2022, the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council (I·SPARC) sent the NAIG Council’s communique and the 2027 NAIG Bid Procedures Manual to the attention of all First Nations, Métis Chartered Communities, and Aboriginal Friendship Centres in British Columbia. The Bid guidelines establish that only one bid can be lodged from each of the five eligible provinces and territories. Since more than one community has expressed an interest to host the Games, I·SPARC has established a BC Candidate Host Community Bid Selection Process that will be conducted in advance of the NAIG Council’s bid timelines.

I·SPARC will score community bids against the criteria set out in the “Guidelines for Preparing the B.C. Bid Submission – NAIG 2027” (click to view) to determine the BC candidate community to vie for the opportunity to host the Games in 2027. Additionally, the NAIG Council Bid Procedures Manual is available by clicking here.

On September 6, 2022, the NAIG Council will be conducting a virtual Host Candidate City Orientation Session. This session is available to any community interested in bidding to host the 2027 NAIG. If you are considering the opportunity to bid on the NAIG, we would strongly suggest that you participate in the Orientation Session to gather information in order to better inform your decision.

Questions regarding the bid processes and orientation session should be sent to:

Rick Brant

CEO, Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council

Letter of Interest and BC Candidate Host Community Bid Submission

Letters of Interest must be submitted no later than 5:00pm September 16, 2022. An email copy of the bid submission must be submitted no later than 5:00pm October 28, 2022. Bid submissions should not be more than (20) 8-1/2” x 11” single-sided pages in length in addition to the original letters of support. Bid submissions may include a video.

All submissions should be sent to the attention of Rick Brant at

BC Candidate Host Community Bid Selection and Contract

A BC Candidate Host Community Bid Selection Committee will score each proposal against the criteria outlined in the “Guidelines for Preparing the B.C. Bid Submission – 2027 NAIG” document.

Applicants short-listed may be asked to host a site selection tour. Site tours may be conducted in mid-November 2022 and would provide an opportunity to assess any short-listed bids, relative to the basic requirements for hosting the Games and relative to other BC Candidate Host Community bids.

The successful BC Candidate Host Community will officially be announced by I·SPARC prior to November 25, 2022 (the date NAIG Council requires a Letter of Intent and 1st Installment Bid Fee).

Bid Host Community Candidate Information