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Just a friendly reminder that Pentathlon Canada’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, April 22, at 3:00 p.m. EDT. The meeting is open to everyone who wishes to attend, but only Pentathlon Canada members can vote. To attend, please send an email to Pentathlon Canada’s Executive Director, Shelley Callaghan, at

If you’re not yet a member but would like to participate in the voting, you can become a member by following this link: For more information about the Annual General Meeting, please see the official notice here:

Notice of Pentathlon Canada Annual General Meeting

Notice of Pentathlon Canada Annual General Meeting

About Modern Pentathlon and What does a Modern Pentathlete do?

Modern pentathlon, a core Olympic sport, is the only sport created specifically for the Olympics. The founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre von Coubertin, developed the sport as the ultimate skill-and-strength test of a soldier. Modern pentathlon debuted at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics and has featured in every subsequent edition of the Games. In 2000, the women’s competition was added. It is still the most varied and demanding multisport test in the Olympic family.

What does a Modern Pentathlete do?

Modern pentathletes compete in a four-discipline (five sports) competition consisting of one-touch épée fencing (round-robin and bonus event), 200-metre freestyle swimming, equestrian show-jumping and lastly, a combined laser pistol shooting and running event (referred to as Laser Run). The final Laser Run event is incredibly exciting. Athletes are seeded in order of their total points accumulated from the three previous sports. The number of seconds each athlete starts after the highest-ranked competitor is determined by their points difference.

The first running lap is followed by four Laser Run laps. The first athlete crossing the finish line wins. Each Run is 600 metres. At the Laser pistol range, the athlete must complete five shots on the target’s bullseye within 50 seconds. Athletes who complete five shots before the 50-second time limit start running immediately.

The relay events (men, women and mixed) include all five sports, adjusted for teams of two.  

For more information, please contact:George A. Skene OLY
Media, Pentathlon Canada
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Shelley Callaghan
Executive Director, Pentathlon Canada