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BC School Sports (BCSS) is thrilled to share news of the remarkable increase in student-athlete participation during the 2022-2023 academic year. After the pandemic shut down school sport from March 2020 through to September 2021, there were concerns about its resiliency and sustainability. The over 450 BCSS member schools with a renewed emphasis on physical activity, inclusion, and engagement, drove opportunities for over 117,000 student-athlete registrations across 19 BCSS activities last year.

School sports, an extension of the learning environment, play a key role in fostering mental and physical well-being, instilling discipline, and nurturing camaraderie. With the resumption of extracurricular activities during the past 2 years, schools are seizing the opportunity to expand their athletic programs, providing students with greater opportunities.

BC School Sports Executive Director shared his excitement about this positive trend. “The absence of school sport during the pandemic highlighted its significance and importance to our students, teachers and educational communities. Our schools have been incredible in finding ways to create opportunities, and our students have responded resoundingly. A school with a diverse and robust athletics program brings so much energy and shared belonging to a school.” Abney continued “School sport remains the lowest barrier form of organized sport, for kids in that 13-18 age group. It is so essential to our province and communities that school sport is healthy, we are so happy to see our numbers not just bounce back, but accelerate to new levels.”

BCSS News Release: 10-year high in BC school sports registration