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Beginning in 2023, the Ottawa Sport Council is changing the way we deliver grants from the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation. We believe that it is important to create dedicated spaces for equity deserving groups. To that end, each year the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation will focus on serving a different equity-deserving group.

This year, the Ottawa Sport Council is pleased to welcome Their Opportunity as a new partner to deliver the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation 2023 Community Opportunity Grant. Their Opportunity is a national children’s charity that delivers and subsidizes community sport and engagement programming to eliminate barriers of access and empower youth to reach their full potential through sport.

We are pleased to announce that the grant window for the 2023 Ottawa Sport Council Foundation Community Opportunity Grant is now open! In celebration of the Ottawa Sport Council’s 10th anniversary, we will be awarding two grants of up to $2,000 each for inclusive sport programs.

Click here to access the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation 2023 Community Opportunity Grant!

The application is available as a fillable PDF. Within the document you will find all the details necessary to complete the grant, including key terms and frequently asked questions.

The Ottawa Sport Council is also available to answer any clarifying questions in advance of submission.

The Ottawa Sport Council Foundation 2023 Community Opportunity Grant is offered in partnership by the Ottawa Sport Council, Their Opportunity, and the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Key Details

  • Grant Window: Monday, May 15 to Friday, June 9 at 17:00 EST
  • Amount Awarded: Up to $2,000
  • Number of Programs to Receive Funding: 2
  • Grant Duration: Up to 1 year

Understanding the Program Goal and Eligibility  

The Ottawa Sport Council Foundation Community Opportunity Grant offers funding to children and
youth programs which support accessibility and inclusivity of those who face socio-economic barriers to participation in sport and underrepresented and marginalized populations.

Eligible programs must also be in alignment with the charitable purpose of Their Opportunity to deliver
and subsidize local sport for development and community engagement programming. Their Opportunity’s programs and services help eliminate socio-economic barriers of access to sports and recreation whilenpromoting a lifestyle of giving back.

For examples of programs which have received funding from the Ottawa Sport Council Foundation in the past, click here. Please note, as the focus of the grant changes annually, past funded programs may not necessarily be in alignment with the 2023 eligibility requirements.

For additional information regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion we invite you to watch the Ottawa Sport Council Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Panel Discussion Video. This recorded virtual panel discussion invites community sport organizations to consider the ways in which they can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment within their organization.

We look forward to receiving applications from community sport programs that support an equitable, diverse, and inclusion sport experience for all.

For further information, please visit our website or contact:
Marcia Morris
Executive Director,
Conseil du sport d’Ottawa Sport Council

About the Ottawa Sport Council

As the unified voice of amateur sport in Ottawa, the Ottawa Sport Council (OSC) facilitates advocacy and
growth for all community sport organizations. We believe that there should only be positive experiences in sport.

About Their Opportunity

Their Opportunity is a national registered children’s charity that has the vision to educate, uplift &
support children to overcome barriers through the strength of sport & generosity. Since inception, we
have helped provide opportunities for over 45,000 children & affected thousands more through our
Giveback Program; translating to 585,000+ hours of sport & recreation and 157,500+ hours of
community service or engagement.

Their Opportunity hosts a unique Giveback Program where children who receive subsidies or participate
in one of our core programs are asked to “pay it forward” within their community through volunteerism.
We believe in creating a cycle of generosity, where active youth are empowered to give back to help
build healthier communities.