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Despite a downward trend, drowning is still the third leading cause of death in Canada.
Drowning is preventable! Join Lifesaving Society Canada in bringing awareness to the
drowning problem during National Drowning Prevent Week from 17th – 23rd July 2022.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 15, 2022 – The mission of Lifesaving Society Canada is to
prevent drowning – even one drowning is one too many.

Over 400 people fatally drown annually in Canada, making it the second leading cause of
unintentional death for children and the third leading cause of unintentional death for adults.
In particular, Indigenous, northern and new Canadians have a disproportionately high
mortality burden. In fact, the drowning burden is so great around the world that the United
Nations General Assembly passed the UN Resolution on Drowning Prevention (A/75/L.76)
and named July 25th of each year as World Drowning Prevention Day. During the week of
July 17th – 23rd, 2022 Lifesaving Society of Canada will be educating and promoting safety
awareness in, on and around the water.

Statistics show that almost 70% of drowning fatalities never intended to go into the water
and were often within 15 metres of safety. Nearly every Canadian has known someone
who has drowned or had a non-fatal drowning experience, whether personally or from his
or her community. To help reduce drowning, all Canadians are encouraged to:
• Take the Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive Standard (teaches how to survive an
unexpected fall into the water) and participate in a learn-to-swim program.
• Wear a properly fitted lifejacket when out on a boat.
• Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while participating in aquatic activities.
• Ensure that children are under the direct supervision of an adult when around barrier-free bodies of water.

The majority of drownings are preventable in a Water Smart community. Join the Lifesaving Society, Nova Scotia Branch to participate in various events and activities to help make you a Water Smart community.
For more information, please contact Michael Melenchuk, Executive Director, Lifesaving Society, Nova Scotia.

Name of Press Contact: Michael Melenchuk
Date: July 15, 2022
Phone: 902-489-6203