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June 17, 2021 – Sport Law (formerly the Sport Law & Strategy Group) is committed to sharing relevant knowledge to sport leaders using a variety of mediums including newsletters, webinars, workshops, keynotes, educational sessions and blogs.

It is often said “What got us here, won’t get us there”.  This seems to be the prevailing sentiment of leaders trying to resolve some of the more complex issues sport is facing. In this blog, Sport Law partner Dina Bell-Laroche, draws on her extensive experience working with sport leaders to note current patterns and trends.

In her first insight, Dina shares the term that management theorists use to describe our current reality …  “VUCA”
or volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Old ways of barking out orders and expecting compliance, were sometimes useful but are now considered partial at best. Given our dynamic work environments, leaders require the ability to sit with uncertainty, and work from a place of compassion and trust.

From leaders as catalysts, to moving to a more inclusive sport system, Dina shares insights into the trends that challenge our assumptions and open our hearts, as we all work to elevate our game.  The blog is available to read here.

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