The expertise of E-Alliance researchers spans a breadth of topics – what they all share in common is a vision of a more equitable sport and movement culture.

Members of the organization’s research community have collected some of their most recent and relevant findings to help introduce E-Alliance’s priorities. These findings have been translated into infographics that are now available online and will also be shared on social media in the coming weeks. The infographics represent (click links below to see infographics):

Disability in sport

Gender-based violence in sport

Girls participation in sport

Indigenous sport

LGBTQ+ and sport

Racialized women and sport

Women’s leadership in sport

“We hope that sharing information in this format will clearly convey the inequities we are working to dismantle,” says E-Alliance Co-Director Professor Gretchen Kerr. “We also hope that they spark conversation among athletes, coaches, and leaders who are able to help make real change in sport culture at all levels.”