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Sharing tips from our Sport & Healthy Living Teams

How you can stay healthy and keep active from home!

What’s in this issue:

  • Meet Our Team! – Kim & Jessie
  • FitNation: Lockdown Edition!
  • Fir Tip Recipes
  • Mental Performance Webinar Series
  • National Coaching Awards – Nomination Open
  • Sport for Life Society’s E-Module

Meet Our Team! Kim & Jessie

Kim Leming, Provincial Coordinator
Sport for Life Programs

What I do at I·SPARC: One great thing I get to do is support Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) in the creation of their organizational roadmap of sport and physical activity for Indigenous people using the Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development Pathway (ILTPD). Part of the work is addressing gaps by outlining key elements to consider during the planning, development, and implementation of programs for and with Indigenous people and communities. This process includes a mentoring process focused on how the competition pathway and policies within their system can be clearer and inclusive of Indigenous people while developing an appreciation of Indigenous culture and how culture impacts engagement and sustaining Indigenous participation in the sport system.
Additionally, I coordinate the Indigenous Communities: Active for Life workshop. This workshop is fun and interactive, introducing the concept of Physical Literacy and how it can enrich a program by incorporating Indigenous holistic approaches into physical and recreational activities. From these workshops, participants leave with an understanding of quality sport programming and their own action plan or roadmap they create that is specific to their needs. Great stories and networking come as a result – it is a highlight for me to deliver the workshops in communities.
Fun Fact: I just picked up the Ukelele and want to learn how to play it, maybe take a lesson. For now, I’ll watch YouTube videos, you can pretty much learn anything off YouTube these days!
Jessie Toynbee, Provincial Coordinator,
Healthy Living

What I do at I·SPARC: The best thing about the Healthy Living division is that it’s so diverse! Depending on the time of the year, I could be traveling the province delivering our Leader Training Sessions, acting as paparazzi for our FitNation leaders, bringing the Smoke Eater to life for 1000+ at Gathering Our Voices (GOV), or foraging for fir tips for our Re-Think Your Drink station.
The foundation of the healthy living program is our leader training, bringing together community members passionate about health and wellness, and equipping them with the tools, resources, and confidence to lead their own Indigenous RunWalk or Honour Your Health Challenge program (HYHC). I have the honour of supporting our HYHC leaders. It’s amazing to see the creativity in this program, as leaders have the opportunity to design a unique program that meets the needs of their community; I’ve seen everything from traditional cooking “Top Chef” challenges, to school-wide jigging classes, to creating community medicinal gardens, and so much more from over 130 programs annually!
When I’m not planning our leader training sessions or supporting our HYHC leaders, I’m coordinating I·SPARC’s involvement at GOV and creating new tools for our team, like our promotional videos and the Healthy Living Hub, there’s truly never a dull day!
Fun Fact: I still have to make an “L” with my hands to figure out my left and right – driving with me is a real treat! And I love to go mushroom picking! It takes me back to being a kid on an Easter egg hunt.


Mark your calendars, we’ve got a new series of FitNation workouts launching June 12th!

This round we’re putting a spin on the classic FitNation movements, getting creative with agility ladders, resistance bands, and some partner workouts. The fun never stops!

Check out our promo video and stay tuned for these upcoming sweat sessions.

  • June 12 – Amplified Workout with Mariah Robinson, Namgis First Nation
  • June 19 – Introductory Partner Workout with Daniel Young-Mercer, Nisga’a & Gitxsan and Tiffany Adams, Nlaka’pamux
  • June 26 – Advanced Partner Workout with Tiffany Adams and Daniel Young-Mercer
  • July 3 – Resistance Band Workout with Amanda de Faye, Métis Nation BC

Fir Tip Recipies

Nature’s Gatorade
Fir Tip Infused Water – three ways! These recipes can be used with Fir or Spruce, however, with many people having Spruce allergies, sticking to Fir is often best. Evergreens are high in Vitamin C and have natural electrolytes making it a great energy drink – without the sugar!

You can use fresh or frozen tips.Feel free to make one cup’s worth and play with the amounts if you don’t want so much.

Here are three ways Robynne, our Director of Healthy Living has experimented with Fir Tips: Solar or Sun Tea, Cold Infusion, Hot Infusion (just like tea!).

Solar or Sun Tea
Add approximate 1 cup of fresh or frozen fir tips to a 56 oz. Mason jar, fill with cold water, cover and place in sun for at least 1 hour, or up to 6 hours for stronger flavour. Strain, squeeze all the juice out of the tips, and enjoy for up to 3 days refrigerated.

Cold Infusion
Add same ratios as above, add cold water to cover the tips and infuse overnight in fridge. Strain, squeeze out tips, and enjoy for up to 3 days refrigerated.

Hot Infusion
Using the same ratios as above, cover your tips with boiling water and let steep for a minimum of 30 minutes, or overnight. Drink hot or cold! This is a nice way to enjoy in the winter when you’re sick – add some honey and lemon.

Mental Performance Webinar Series

We are excited to announce our Mental Performance Webinar Series in partnership with PacificSport Okanagan and PacificSport Vancouver Island! These online webinars feature Sport Psychology experts who will share their strategies on how to build resiliency, maintain motivation, and manage intensity and focus for peek performance.

Join us at one of the following free events:

  • June 10 – Coaches: Managing Expectations & Providing Supporting During Uncertain Times with Dr. Shaunna Taylor – Register
  • June 17 – Athletes: Managing Motivation from the Sidelines with Dr. Shaunna Taylor – Register
  • June 24 – Finding the Zone, Strategies for Performing Under Pressure with Geoff Hackett, MHK – Register

Full Details

Nominate a Coach!

The Aboriginal Sport Circle is committed to supporting sport that fosters the development of the whole individual. The National Indigenous Coaching Awards are an embodiment of this philosophy. In addition to their coaching achievements, recipients of this Award will have demonstrated a personal commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and fair play while acting as positive role models. Recipients exemplify a commitment to a holistic lifestyle – one which embraces personal physical, mental, cultural and spiritual capacities.

Visit the Awards & Recognition site for more information.

Download the Nomination

Sport for Life Society E-Module

The Stepping Stones to Indigenous Sport and Physical Activity Participation E-Learning Course has been designed for coaches and sport leaders. The purpose of this training is to:
  • Help you better understand the needs of Indigenous participants and athletes, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.
  • Enhance your ability to run developmentally and holistically appropriate programs for Indigenous participants and athletes.
  • Increase your knowledge of the stages of the Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development Pathway.

When you have completed the entire course and passed each learning assessment, you will be able to download/print a Certificate of Completion and for coaches maintaining their certification, obtain NCCP professional development points towards it. The course will take about an hour to complete.
At a 30% discount, price is now $17.45.

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