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Tips from our Sport and Healthy Living Teams

What’s in this issue:

  • Teas for Immune & Respiratory Health
  • FitNation: Lockdown Edition!
  • Physical Literacy at Home Video Series
  • Coaches Training Tips for home – Core Strength
  • National Coaching Awards – Nomination Open
  • Free Coach Resources
  • Employment Notice – Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator, Van Island
  • COVID-19 Resources & Crisis Support Lines

Teas for Immune & Respiratory Health

Why tea?
Tea making is an art, a science, and part of many ceremonies and cultures around the world. Dried herbs are used for tea because during the drying process, plan cell walls break open and dehydrate, creating the opportunity for osmosis when you pour boiling water over these plans which allows the herb to extract its medicine! You can also use fresh plans, however if you do, you need to chop VERY finely and it might not be quite as strong.

Immuni(tea): see below or @isparchealthyliving on Instagram for ingredients and video! Or, this is a delicious daily tonic to boost your immune system:

  • 1 part each Astragalus, Cinnamon bark (ground)
  • 1⁄2 part each Licorice, Orange Peel, Elderberry, Ginger

  • Use 1 teaspoon per cup of water. Simmer for 15-30 minutes. Drink up to 3 cups a day. Star anise is also a nice addition to this tea.
  • Substitutions or additions include: Echinacea, cardamom, rosehips, elderflower, mint, star anise, and medicinal mushroom blends/powders

Cold and Flu Tea
This traditional tea helps fight infection, is cooling and anti-inflammatory, and helps to ease discomfort from colds and flu.

  • Equal parts Elderflower, Peppermint, Yarrow
  • 1 tablespoon per cup, steep 15 minutes. Drink hot to help break a fever.

Lung Restorative Tea
This tea is a great brew for those with coughs, congestion, asthma, or bronchitis.

  • 2 parts Mullein
1 part each Marshmallow leaf or root, Peppermint, Thyme leaf 1⁄2 part rosehips, evergreen tree tips (spruce, Douglas fir, cedar) 1⁄2 part each roots of Licorice, Ginger, Elecampane
  • Use 1 tablespoon per cup of cool water, bring it to a boil, stir, and turn off. Cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid and let it sit for 30 minutes. Add honey and lemon. Drink 3-6 cups a day.

Love your Lungs 
This is also helpful for coughs, congestion, asthma, or bronchitis (4-6 cups medicinal strength recommended)

  • Equal parts Plantain, Marshmallow root, Mullein, Nettle, 1⁄2 Yarrow and double Mint
  • Use 1 tablespoon tea per cup of boiling water, cover and steep for 20-30 minutes.

Hope everyone enjoys, sending good wishes and healthy vibes to all! Stay healthy everyone and remember to get LOTS of sleep.

Robynne Edgar
Director, Healthy Living

Check out Healthy Living’s Instagram for their Immuni(tea) ingredients!

FitNation – LOCKDOWN EDITION! Announcing the FitNation Home Workout Series – LOCKDOWN EDITION!! Starting this Friday we’ll bring you new workouts every week from our leaders all across the province! Four weeks of workouts – chair modifications, introductory, intermediate, and advanced. All you need is a little space, a sip of water, and yourself! We’re stoked to bring you these workouts on our YouTube Channel so you can get your workout in anytime – that’s what FitNation is all about, ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Sport for Life – Physical Literacy at Home

Sport for Life has created a series of short videos to support parents and children to develop physical literacy at home. These activities are selected from their PLAYBuilder resource and introduced in the videos by Jessica Waterman, Physical Literacy Content and Delivery Specialist. The activities are then demonstrated by the family of Sport for Life’s Kabir Hosein in their home in Victoria, BC.

This is the first video – Balance. Follow them for more!

Physical Literacy at Home, Week 1, Day 1 – BALANCE

Coaches Training Tips at Home – Core Strength Thanks to our Team BC coaches for providing Staying Fit Quick Tips – Core Workout! Here is the Core Strength – Week 3 core exercise demonstrations

Nominate a Coach! Know a great coach? You can nomination them for a national coaching award!
The CAC strives to recognize and celebrate oustanding coaches in a variety of roles, from community coaching and peer mentorship to high performance and lifetime achievement. Nominations for the Geoff Gowan Lifetime Achievement Award and the NCCP Coach Developer Awards are open until May 31.

Visit the Awards & Recognition site for more information.

Free Coaching Resources
NCCP Emergency Action Plan: This module prepares coaches to respond calmly, quickly, and effectively if a sport participant is seriously injured during practice or competition. NCCP Credits: 1

Making Head Way Concussion eLearning Series: With these NCCP modules, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your partiicpants. You will need a Locker account and NCCP number to access these modules. If you have never taken a NCCP course and need a NCCP number, you can create a free account in the Locker. Expect 60-90 minutes per module.   
NCCP Credits: 5

Canadian Jumpstart Program: This resource has TWO FREE MODULES available with the use of the provided coupon codes (below). To enroll, visit the website and login with your Respect in Sport account, or create a new one.
Click on the course you want to take and enter the coupon code: Supporting Positive Behavior. Coupon Code: JSCAN-A2B3C4D Welcoming All Abilities. Coupon Code: JSS4L-Z8Y3N5J  NCCP Credits: 2 (each)

Canucks Autism Network: Canucks Autism Network offers THREE FREE eLEARNING MODULES online. To access the modules, visit: Supporting Positive Behaviour: Login with your existing Respect in Sport account or create a new one. Click on the “Supporting Positive Behaviour” button and enter the Coupon Code: JSCAN-A2B3C4D.  NCCP Credits: 2 Awareness for Rec Leaders: Login with your existing BC Parks and Recreation Association account or create a new one to take the free module.  NCCP Credits: N/A Awareness for First Responders: Login with your existing Canucks Autism Network account or create a new account to take the free module.  NCCP Credits: N/A Safe Sport Training: This FREE 90-min eLearning module will give coaches the knowledge to recognize, address, and prevent maltreatment in sport and includes tools and resources to help embed Safe Sport principles throughout the organization. This module aligns with the values within the new Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS) and meets the minimum standards for mandated safe sport training for Sport Canada-funded organizations.
NCCP Credits: 2

NEW – Updated NCCP Code of Ethics: The The CAC has updated the NCCP Code of Ethics to better acknowledge and reflect the current realities of sport in Canada. The Code expresses aspirational principles to guide conduct in sport and reflect the ongoing core values of the coaching profession. The new Code took effect April 1. Download the Code from the General Partner Resources section of

Deadline: May 12, 2020 at 5:00 pm (PST) Apply now!
Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator – Vancouver Island Region!

COVID-19 Resources During this unprecedented time, we will continue to follow the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19 and provide resources as they become available . Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Information from CDCWHO myth busters – COVID-19Health Link BCBC Centre for Disease Control – COVID-19 Crisis Support Lines KUU-US Crisis Line Society – 1-800-588-8717
The KUU-US Crisis Line Society provides a First Nations and Indigenous specific crisis line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll-free from anywhere in British Columbia.KUU-US Crisis Line can be reached toll-free at 1-800-588-8717. Alternatively, individuals can call direct into the Youth Line at 250-723-2040 or the Adult Line at 250-723-4050. All crisis response personnel are certified and trained in Indigenous cultural safety bringing an understanding of the history and trauma from the residential school to their roles. Topics the KUU-US Crisis Line can support individuals with include, but are not limited to, mental health issues and crisis related to residential school, child welfare, addiction, health concerns, divorce and separation, suicide ideation and survivorship, grief and loss, crime, abuse, peer pressure and financial distress.​
  Métis Crisis Line – 1-833-638-4722
Métis Nation BC, in collaboration with Kuu-us Crisis Line Society, launched the Métis Crisis Line, a place where you can talk, trust and feel safe! It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll-free from anywhere in BC at

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