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Led by globally recognized experts, group aims to transform concussion care 

Ottawa, ON (September 14, 2020) – Today, the House of Sport announced the opening of 360 Concussion Care at the RA Centre, a transformational approach to concussion treatment and rehabilitation.  Led by a team of internationally recognized concussion experts, 360 will provide and advance evidence-based care, to help patients recover safer and faster.  The group has also launched a world-leading concussion registry, to capture critical data about each concussion and support ongoing research, innovation and knowledge sharing. The clinic at the House of Sport is the first of a network of clinics planned across the country.

“360 Concussion Care’s collaborative approach and commitment to excellence in concussion care, research and knowledge sharing will make a tremendous contribution to not only the House of Sport community but the larger sport community as well, deepening our collective understanding of this important issue,“ Tosha Rhodenizer, CEO, RA.  “We are excited that 360 has chosen the House of Sport for its flagship location.”

The 360 Concussion Care team is led by global pediatric concussion expert and CHEO physician Dr. Roger Zemek, internationally renowned University of Buffalo sports medicine physician Dr. John Leddy, and noted University of Toronto concussion researcher and scientist Nick Reed.  Patients get rapid-access to physician-led care, supported by a team of interdisciplinary health providers and a personal coach to support them through their recovery.  Care is fully integrated under one roof, so patients aren’t bouncing from clinic to clinic. 

“Concussion rates are on the rise, yet patients face a dysfunctional care system with long wait times, limited access to high-quality care and conflicting advice from providers. As a result, they frequently experience long recovery times and poor health and quality of life outcomes,” says Dr. Zemek. “At 360 we aim to change this, by getting people back to work, school and sports safer and faster.”

“We call our approach the 360 difference,” says Alex Johnston, CEO, 360 Concussion Care.  “Our lead physicians have led some of the most significant advances in concussion research and treatment in the last decade, and understand the importance of evidenced-based, individualized and coordinated care.  They also know that there is much work to be done to uncover new insights about concussion management, and are dedicated to advancing evidence-based practices.” In addition to its clinic at the House of Sport, 360 Concussion Care is available to patients virtually, making it easy to access world-leading concussion care from anywhere. For more information, visit

“Dr. Zemek is a visionary leader who understands the devastating impact of concussion on patients and their loved ones, and has dedicated his career to making new discoveries and transforming care.” 
Eric Lindros, NHL Hall of Famer

“I met Dr. Leddy when I was suffering from intense and prolonged post-concussion symptoms. He and his team evaluated my symptoms and designed a customized recovery program. Almost immediately my symptoms began to lessen for the first time in months and were completely resolved within two months. I am forever grateful.” 
Stefan Rosen, Patient

“Dr. Zemek is a world-renowned researcher and highly respected clinician who has been instrumental in making Canada a leader in concussion research, care and prevention. Ottawa-area families are always in good hands with Dr. Zemek and we are very proud to have him as part of the CHEO community.”  
Alex Munter, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

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Bryan R. Merrett
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About 360 Concussion Care
We are a network of research-based clinics lead by globally recognized concussion leaders.  Providing and advancing evidence-based concussion care.  Transforming and driving treatment innovation with a global reach and impact. Helping patients recover from concussion, safer and faster.  To learn more, visit