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Ottawa, ON, Dec. 1, 2020 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is proud to announce its partnership with Equine Register (ER) for the development of a national central equine data-sharing platform, which is a vital element of the Canadian Equine Identification Program (CEIP).

ER was selected as the platform service provider after a procurement process that reviewed proposals and presentations from five competitive companies, each of which offered great potential and experience. Six technical assessors, including a third-party procurement specialist, graded each company in over 60 factors. Ultimately, ER was selected as the company that provides the most complete commercial off-the-shelf product, offers the most support, and best met the requirements and considerations outlined in the initial request for proposals.

“Our new relationship with Equine Register is a truly exciting step in ensuring the long-term health and safety of Canada’s equines,” said Yves Hamelin, EC’s Interim Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General. “The Canadian Equine Identification Program is a massive undertaking to protect the national herd and Equine Register’s expertise will be instrumental in developing the data-sharing platform that the program will centre around.”

EC is looking forward to working with ER to unite equine identification and traceability data that protects the health, welfare and performance of the national herd. In the coming weeks, EC and ER will engage in a discovery process to closely assess project scope, finalize project plan and implementation timelines and develop Canadian equine stakeholder engagement plans. Many relevant groups, organizations and committees will be engaged to shape the data-sharing platform to meet the needs of and provide value to the Canadian equine industry.

The establishment of a national central equine data-sharing platform will contribute to the overall CEIP goal of international equine system alignment and the creation of global equine health strategies.

About Equine Register
Established in 2012, ER is recognized as a global leader in animal traceability, identification, registration and biosecurity technology and database solutions, with expertise in equine lifetime traceability.

ER built and manages the Central Equine Database for the government of the United Kingdom, which holds the records of every equine domiciled in the UK, including 1.5 million equines and around 800,000 owners. In addition, ER provides a suite of custom-built digital tools and portals to the wider equine sector enabling users to comply with the law, reduce risk and optimize their performance quickly and easily.

ER is in advanced preparations with multiple countries to enable coordinated international disease surveillance research with collective national veterinary universities and governments in order to support a global response to disease preparedness and control and facilitate biosecure cross-border movements.

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For questions regarding the Canadian Equine Identification Program, please contact:

Kristy House
Manager of Welfare and Industry
Equestrian Canada
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