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Nordiq Canada – New brand signals bold mission to encourage all Canadians to find themselves on skinny skis, develop more high-performance athletes to chase international podiums

OTTAWA—Inspired by a passionate group of cross-country skiers connected by trails across the country, Canada’s cross-country ski community is rebranding itself as Nordiq Canada.

Modernizing its existing brand, Nordiq Canada will take the sport enjoyed by millions across the country in a new direction that better reflects Canada’s nordic ski community, while remaining true to its history and tradition.

“Canada is home to polite people, maple syrup, the loonie and a ton of snow. This may be bad for sidewalks and roads, but it is perfect for having fun outdoors and enjoying the sport of cross-country skiing,” said Jen Tomlinson, chair, Nordiq Canada’s Board of Directors. “Our mission is bold, yet focused: we want to get all Canadians on skis and develop more high-performance athletes who, like their heroes before them, proudly ascend international podiums. These big goals for the future of our sport in Canada can only be achieved when we all come together.”

Tomlinson and Nordiq Canada’s Board of Directors originally embarked on the new direction in 2016 when the membership adopted a strategic plan to guide the organization to 2026. 

“A brand is so much more than a name or a logo,” added Tomlinson. “This vital tool will make high-level strategies and ideas accessible, provide a lens for big decisions, and rally the community around our new purpose and direction. But that is just on the inside. Externally, our brand will serve as a powerful beacon to our current and prospective members, inviting them to join in the future of our sport.”

Led by Taiji Brand Group, the new brand was built on a solid base of community input. More than 1,000 administrative leaders, Board members, athletes, coaches, volunteers, recreational skiers and others from across Canada took part in a national survey, leadership and community workshops, interviews and focus groups.

Proudly showcasing Canada’s diversity, Nordiq Canada goes beyond the nation’s two official languages to welcome all Canadians under one name. The Nordiq Canada symbol deepens that connection by depicting Canadians coming together and moving forward on skinny skis.

Driven by the values of passion, respect, improvement, drive and excellence, Nordiq Canada will welcome everyone to find their own personal greatness in the sport – whether it’s skiing in pursuit of the international podium with the Canadian maple leaf on their chest, or for fun and fitness.

“The athletes in our high-performance pathway will always be core to our business and a flagship of our brand,” said Tomlinson. “But creating synergies between mass participation and high performance is critical to our success. One simply needs the other. We need to provide our high-performance athletes with the tools and opportunities needed to achieve excellence, while also welcoming others into our community and providing them with a gateway for more opportunities to ski.”

“Status quo is not an option for high-performance athletes, and nor should it be in the board room,” said eight-time Paralympic medallist, Mark Arendz. “Canada is changing, and so is our membership. We continuously need to adapt both on and off the snow while challenging ourselves to be better, be more inclusive, and create greater opportunities to encourage more Canadians to embrace our sport that provides fun, health and fitness for all to enjoy. Nordiq Canada is an exciting new direction for our community, and also prepares us for a future that could include other nordic disciplines.”

The Nordiq Canada brand was launched during a celebration at the 2019 Canadian Ski Championships in Ottawa. A web site landing page has been created at  #NordiqCanada

Nordiq Canada is the governing body of para-nordic and cross-country skiing in Canada, which is the nation’s optimal sport and recreational activity with more than one million Canadians participating annually. Its 60,000 members include athletes, coaches, officials and skiers of all ages and abilities. With the support of its valued corporate partners – Haywood Securities Inc., AltaGas, Swix and Lanctôt Sports– along with the Government of Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Own the Podium and B2Ten, Nordiq Canada develops Olympic, Paralympic and world champions. For more information on Nordiq Canada, please visit us at



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