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Twelve months ago, Athletics Canada initiated a full review of its brand and marketing initiatives. The first step of the process was the launch of the new brand/logo identity in March of 2021, today we are excited to launch a brand new as well as our Experience Greatness public services announcement (PSA) campaign.

It’s no easy task being an elite track and field athlete. The training, dedication and skill are impressive, but it can be hard for people to understand just how incredible what they do really is. How high are they actually jumping? How fast are they moving? This campaign will help people understand by relating the height, weight and speed to everyday things demonstrating how great these athletes truly are. 

The Experience Greatness spot features pole vaulter Alysha Newman jumping over cars, wheelchair racer Tristan Smyth creating a sonic boom and sprinter Andre De Grasse hitting 40 kilometres per hour as he races a SkyTrain. 

Watch the spot below:

PSA: Experience Greatness

Track and field athletes display greatness all the time. Even the most casual sports fan would agree there’s a wow factor to what they can do – whether it’s their speed, their strength, their endurance, how high or long they can jump.
“We’re a little different,” said Alysha Newman. “We have to be a bit crazy to launch ourselves in the air over a bar.”
“Track and field is a pure measure of athletic performance and the never-ending quest for perfection,” said Andre De Grasse. “It takes a special athlete to put in that type of focus and dedication with often times little reward.”
“I hope it inspires people, especially Canadians, to tune in and watch the culmination of so many years of hard work and effort, endless failures and learning, and the often quoted ‘blood, sweat and tears,’ to be our best on those days we line up on that start line to represent our country,” said Tristan Smyth.
Athletics Canada’s website has been redesigned just in time of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, to mirror the speed, strength and greatness of the athletes. Featuring all-new athlete bios, exclusive content and real-time results tracking, make it your headquarters for following Canada’s track and field athletes in Tokyo and beyond.
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Some resources that were previously part of are still being developed. Athletics Canada will add features relating to our programs (Athletics Canada Annual Awards and Hall of Fame), member resources, tools and information for coaches, officials and race directors, a more detailed events calendar, facts and resources pertaining to our sport, including Para Athletics, and historical information over the coming weeks.
Experience astonishing height, mind-blowing strength, unbelievable distance, incredible endurance on Experience greatness!

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Amanda Nigh
Manager, Communications & Marketing
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Coordinator, Communications