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Aboriginal Sport Circle – The Aboriginal Sport Circle is pleased to welcome six new members to its Board of Directors. The Directors were elected based on their capacity to advance national level priorities for Indigenous sport, physical activity, and wellness in Canada. The new members and their positions are as follows:

Lynn Lavallee, President

Brittanee Laverdure, Vice President

Rob Newman, Director

Candice Pete, Director

Tara Wardle, Director

Jason Johnston, Director

They join Cheryl McCallum and Jaime Battiste, who will continue as Directors, as well as Janice Forsyth, who moves into the role of Past President. Together they will ensure the organization continues on its path of positive growth. A full list and short biographies of all ASC Directors will be posted on the ASC website in the coming weeks.

“We have worked hard over the past year to bolster our internal operations and governance practices, and the election of new Directors with outstanding resumes and experiences speaks to the widespread interest and commitment that people have in seeing the continued success of the ASC,” said McCallum. “The ASC is strengthening its position as the national voice for Indigenous sport and physical activity in Canada.”

The election took place at the ASC Annual General Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario on July 25, 2019.

“The ASC has the history, the network, the knowledge and the experience to carry out the work that needs to be done for our youth,” stated Forsyth. “At the same time, we recognized the need to start bringing in new people who can help us to become the organization that our youth and communities need us to be. The new Directors, along with our new CEO, Carey Calder, will help move the ASC along that path.”

CEO Carey Calder will join the national office on August 6, 2019.


For more information contact:

Janice Forsyth

Past President, Aboriginal Sport Circle Board of Directors






The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) is Canada’s national voice for Aboriginal sport, physical activity, and recreation bringing together the interests of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Established in 1995, the ASC was created through a national consensus-building process in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Indigenous peoples. This mandate has expanded to include physical activity.

The ASC partners with Indigenous and mainstream organizations to bring expertise in athlete and coaching development, physical literacy, and physical activity programs, to Indigenous communities throughout Canada. It is also the franchise holder for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), and annually hosts the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC), in addition to effecting policy change at the highest levels of government.