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Volleyball Manitoba – May 1, 2019 – The first weekend of the 2019 Volleyball Manitoba Provincial Championships took place this past weekend on April 26-28 with one hundred twenty three (123) teams competing in eight girls and boys age categories. The 2019 Provincials Championships involve 196 teams in total competing in thirteen championships over two weekends.

Final placings along with All-Star and MVP selections from April 26-28:

14u Girls Tier 1 Provincials (Dakota Community Centre, College Jeanne Sauve, & Victor Wyatt. Winnipeg)

1st          Cats Gold

2nd        Jr. Bison Gold

3rd         Dynamo Sting

4th         Big Sand Blue

5th         Jr. Bison Brown

6th         Vision Chaos

7th         Vision Impact

8th         Jr. Pilots Blue

9th         Jr. Bison Black

10th       Winman Clutch

11th       Selkirk White

12th       Club West South

13th       Russell Club Volleyball (RCV)

14th       Cats Blue

15th       Dynamo Spark

16th       Vipers 2

17th       Big Sand Red

18th       Team Power

19th       Prairie Fire Black

20th       Sandstorm

21st        Predators

22nd      Vision Vipers

23rd       Selkirk Grey

24th       Joust VC

25th       Club West Rage

26th       Pirates Blue

27th       Jr. Pilots White

28th       Vipers 1

29th       Prairie Fire Orange

30th       ACC Cougars

31st        Aztecs


14u Boys Provincials (Garden City Collegiate, Maples Collegiate, & Mennonite Brethren College Institute, Winnipeg)

1st          204 14u Gold

2nd        Selkirk Royals

3rd         Jr. Pilots 14u

4th         Winman Legacy

5th         Winman Whiteout

6th         Russell Club Volleyball

7th         Brandon Volleyball Club (BVC) 14u Gold

8th         204 14u Cardinal

9th         Joust 14u

10th       204 14u White

11th       Jr. Pilots 13u

12th       204 13u Gold

13th       Pirates

14th       BVC 14u Blue

15th       204 13u Cardinal


15u Girls Provincials (Canada Games Sport For Life Centre, St. John’s Ravenscourt School, & St. Paul’s High School, Winnipeg)

1st          Club West Rage

2nd        Vision Hurricane

3rd         Vision Rage

4th         Jr. Bison Gold

5th         Selkirk Royals

6th         Jr. Pilots Blue

7th         Dynamo Heat

8th         Winman Chaos

9th         Dynamo Riot

10th       Vision Storm

11th       Cats Gold

12th       Big Sand

13th       Jr. Bison Brown

14th       Cats Blue

15th       Pirates

16th       Jr. Pilots White

17th       Westman Volleyball Club (WVC)

18th       Spitfires

19th       Jr. Bison Black

20th       Fury Blue

21st        Vision Spartans

22nd      Club West Smash

23rd       Team VM 1

24th       Joust

25th       Fury Flames

26th       Cougars

27th       Team VM 2


All-Stars: Nina Baty (Jr Bison Gold), Bianca Oquendo (Vision Rage), Carissa Tran (Vison Hurricane), Jayda Sommerhalder (Vison Hurricane), Jori Hanson-Young (Club West Rage), Karyssa Watson (Club West Rage)

MVP: Madelyn Lesnor (Club West Rage)


16u Boys Provincials (Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School & Vincent Massey High School, Brandon)

1st          Selkirk

2nd        Jr. Pilots

3rd         Winman Clutch

4th         204 Gold

5th         Dakota

6th         Winman Wild

7th         204 Cardinal

8th         BVC Gold

9th         Pirates

10th       Storm

11th       BVC Blue


All-Stars: Noah Koskie (204 Gold), Owen Dyck (Winman Clutch), Noah Boschman (Jr Pilots), Jonah Dueck (Jr Pilots), Reece Clarke (Selkirk), Rylan Vankooten (Selkirk)

MVP: Spencer Grahame (Selkirk)


17U Girls Provincials (University of Winnipeg – Duckworth Centre, Kelvin High School, & Westgate Mennonite Collegiate, Winnipeg)

1st          Winman Force

2nd        Cats 17u

3rd         Jr.Wesmen

4th         Club West Rage

5th         Jr. Bison 17u

6th         Jr. Pilots 17u

7th         Insanity 17u

8th         JVC 17u

9th         Pirates 17u

10th       South Mountain

11th       Fury Black

12th       Fury Windchill

13th       Lady Thunder


All-Stars: Danika Scharff (Club West), Brooklyn Olfert (Jr Wesmen), Alexis Cancade (Cats), Marly Pellerin (Cats), Haley Bickell (Winman), Kendall Sorokowski (Winman)

MVP: Makenna Wyryha (Winman)


18U Girls Provincials (University of Winnipeg – Duckworth Centre, Kelvin High School, & Westgate Mennonite Collegiate, Winnipeg)

1st          Jr. Bison Bentley

2nd        Cats 18u

3rd         Jr. Wesmen Black

4th         Cobras

5th         Jr. Wesmen Red

6th         431

7th         WVC 18u

8th           Jr. Bison Moore

9th           Jr. Pilots 18u

10th       Insanity 18u

11th       Alliance 18u

12th       SNVC 18u

13th       Agoojin


All-Stars: Alli Pauls (Cobras), Alexa Wieczorkiewicz (Jr Wesmen), Sarah Hogue (Cats), Brianne Stott (Cats), Keziah Hoeppner (Jr Bison), Katreena Bentley (Jr Bison)

MVP: Julia Arnold (Jr Bison)


17U Boys Provincials (University of Manitoba – IGAC, Winnipeg)

1st          204 Gold

2nd        204 Cardinal

3rd         Jr. Pilots

4th         BVC Gold

5th         Aztecs

6th         BVC Blue

7th         Voyageurs

8th         204 White


Allstars: Jayden Engel (BVC Gold), Sawyer Thiessen (Jr Pilots), Scott Mann (204 Cardinal), Alexander Krykewich (204 Cardinal), Bryce Cancilla (204 Gold), Paxton Koop (204 Gold)

MVP: James Duerksen (204 Gold)


18U Boys Provincials (University of Manitoba – IGAC, Winnipeg)

1st          Winnipeg Strike

2nd        Winman Warriors

3rd         United

4th         204 18U

5th         Parkland Predators


All-Stars: Liam Kristjanson (204), Liam Boschman (United), Brendan Zebrynski (Winman), Ose Izokun (Winman), Josh Terin (Strike), Darian Koskie (Strike)

MVP: Isaiah Olfert (Strike)


This coming weekend will feature another seventy three (73) teams competing in the following championship events:


May 4/5

13U Girls – Dakota Community Centre, Winnipeg

13U Boys – Sport for Life Centre , Winnipeg

14U Girls Tier 2 – Sport for Life Centre, Winnipeg

15U Boys – University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

16U Girls – Brandon University & Crocus Plains High School, Brandon