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Women Leading Women: A Lunch & Learn Series



Event Date(s) : March 25, 2021
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Contact Email :
Contact Phone : 7785586723

Event Location : ZOOM
- British-Columbia, CA

Many of us have been taught to believe that we’ve got to be good at doing many things at once if we want to “get ahead”. That we’ve got to be the one that hustles hardest in order to make it to the top. Our society doesn’t celebrate focus,⁠ or pace,⁠ or due diligence…⁠Our society celebrates overnight success, rapid acceleration, and one hit wonders.⁠ We want people to succeed in the limelight, and we want it to happen fast!⁠ And so we start, and we do not stop.⁠ We keep pushing through, even when we feel tired.⁠ We keep going, even though our body is telling us to stop.⁠ We keep showing up, because we are afraid of what will happen if we stop.⁠.. Join us and let’s Redefine the Meaning of Success! Theresa Lambert will present on How to Succeed with Elegance & Less Struggle.

The Women Leading Women monthly Lunch & Learn Series is aimed to bring together women in the sport and physical activity sector (and beyond) who are looking to advance their leadership skills, meet other like-minded women, and learn from guest presenters on a range of important topics. Through interactive sessions, participants will hear from women in leadership roles on topics such as Social Justice & Anti-Racism, Diversity & Inclusion, Fundraising & Sponsorship, Accessible Sport, Mentorship & Career Progression, Mental Health & Preventing Burnout. Women who are aspiring to be leaders in their fields and women who are already established leaders are invited to join together and share their stories and experiences in a safe and inclusive environment, leaving each session feeling empowered, included, and knowledgeable on a topic they may not have considered before.

Contact: Stacy Fournier |