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In today’s rapidly changing sport landscape, it’s critical to make every decision count – and make sure every dollar has impact. Many organizations are seeking ways to use data to inform decisions and assess outcomes. But how exactly do you to move from the concept of “evidence-informed” to tangible, deliberate application of research to your everyday work? In the spring of 2017, in collaboration with our partners at the Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee brought together nine researchers from across the country to tackle that very question.

Jenn Bruce and Jenny Davey of the Canadian Paralympic Committee present at the SCRI 2017 Conference

In this session, CPC staff will share the path from refining an overall sport strategy, to recognizing the importance of embedding research in strategic development and sustainability, to finally engaging with a research team that will grow with us as our needs evolve and progress. We will share an example of an early success story: through work with research partners at the Canadian Disability Participation Project (CDPP), we were able to revise criteria to a key funding initiative – the Canadian Tire Parasport Jumpstart Fund – and ensure that more funds will be better spent to get kids with disabilities involved in sport.

2017 Sport Canada Research Initiative (SCRI) Conference Knowledge Transfer Presentation

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