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Coach talking to Canadian women's field hockey team


In 2023, SIRC is celebrating its 50th anniversary! The government is placing a focus on governance, safe sport, and the renewal of the Canadian Sport Policy. Discover these topics further by jumping into the SIRCuit articles below!


In 2022, we highlight many crucial topics, with an emphasis on mental health, equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Within these articles, you will find many useful tips and insights that can benefit athletes, coaches, officials, parents, and sport organizations. Take a deep dive into these valuable topics by reading the articles found below!


SIRC’s efforts in 2021 focused on a variety of important topics, with a significant focus on the pandemic, as seen in some of the 2020 SIRCuit articles. Emphasis was also placed on safe sport, specifically addressing concussions in many cases, while other articles explored areas such as climate change, master’s athletes, and self-compassion. For a more in depth understanding of the mentioned topics, check out the SIRCuit articles below!


In 2020, we present a special 3-part series that focuses on the resilience and innovation of Canadian sport leaders. These articles dive into how Canadian sport leaders protected the well-being of athletes preparing for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games during the pandemic. Additionally, you can explore a variety of other articles centered around athlete well-being, virtual volunteering, adaptive sport, and a variety of other interesting topics. Whether you are new to these topics or are looking to deepen your understanding, dive into one of the 16 articles found below!


Take a deep dive into our older, yet still highly informative, SIRCuit articles to uncover valuable knowledge and insights! These articles will provide you with information that is relevant to the sport sector, in a reader-friendly manner. Once you have explored these articles, check out our more recent SIRCuit articles to witness the ever-evolving world of sports and to stay up to date with the most recent information!