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SIRCuit Summaries

The Canadian sport and physical activity community identifies topics for researchers to prioritize

Bridging the gap between research and practice requires collaboration to understand the top priorities of key stakeholders. Using a collaborative approach, Canadian researchers worked with sport and physical activity stakeholders to identify the top issues for researchers to prioritize. Learn more about the top issues in Canadian sport and physical activity and best practices for mobilizing and disseminating research.

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Data for change: Embracing demographics to advance equity in sport

To advance equity and inclusion in sport, measuring the “who” is just as important as the “what.” Sport organizations need to understand the perspectives, realities and lived experiences of participants in sport, as well as those pushed away from it. The research and evaluation team at MLSE LaunchPad explains how collecting data on race and other identity factors can help achieve greater equity for youth in sport.

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Mentoring Black women coaches: Developing confidence through relationships and learning

Some coaches are the “only” in their organization: the only woman, only racialized person or only racialized woman. This creates feelings of otherness and isolation, threatening coaches’ confidence. Drawing on research with the Black Female Coaches Mentorship Program, discover opportunities that can help Black women coaches gain confidence and encourage more Black women to become coaches.

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Signals versus noise: Gender equity in Canadian sport

The Government of Canada is committed to achieving gender equality in sport at every level by 2035. To determine if we are achieving this goal, we need to look for reliable data or “signals” that show we are on the right track. We must also identify the information or “noise” that distracts us from our original goals. Find out what we know about gender equity and representation on the playing field, in the boardroom, and in the media.

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Shaping inclusive sport policy and programs

Designing inclusive programs in sport is not an easy task. Inclusion requires intention, honest conversations, flexibility and innovation. It means using individual power and privilege to create safe and accessible spaces for all Canadians to engage in sport. Learn about how Canadian sport policies and programs have evolved to support the development of safe and inclusive sport.

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Last updated on July 27, 2023