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Jill SadlerStorytelling in sport: Why it Matters, and How to Master it

Led by Jill Sadler, VP, Blueprint North America

Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. ET.

About the Webinar

Stories create change. Stories engage. Stories inspire. The good news is that storytelling is not reserved for the chosen charismatic extroverts in the world, it is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. 

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to tell stories that persuade, influence and inspire. We’ll answer the following questions:

  • Why is storytelling so powerful?
  • What constitutes a great story? 
  • What kinds of stories are most useful in the business of sport?
  • Is there a simple framework for crafting engaging stories? (Hint: the answer is yes!)

Join us to learn how to discover, craft and tell stories that will inspire others to act…on your idea, your initiative or your mission. 

About the Speaker

Jill Sadler conceived of her first business at the age of 12. It was a woodworking business and despite not knowing anything about woodworking nor owning any required equipment, her passion for generating ideas and building a plan was evident. Jill went on to lead Marketing, Sales and Operations teams in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors for over 20 years, including roles with Maple Leaf Foods, Atlantic Lottery, The National Arts Centre, and La-Z-Boy

Jill is currently the VP of Learning & Development for Blueprint North America – an organization committed to building confidence in individuals, teams and organizations on both sides of the border. This means she spends half of her time studying, and developing, adult learning strategies and the other half of her time in large rooms with thousands of sticky notes. Whether it’s a negotiation workshop, a creative thinking webinar, or a strategic planning session, Jill is always looking to help individuals stretch beyond their perceived capabilities

Jill holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mount Allison University (2000), a Master’s of Science in Business degree from Queen’s University (2007) and hopes to one day complete a PhD in Organizational Psychology.

When Jill doesn’t have her nose in a leadership book or a strategic plan, she can be found playing volleyball, swimming with her two kids, losing crib matches to her husband, having a glass of wine with friends or enjoying the performing arts in Ottawa.

*Note: Presentation will be in English however, participants are invited to submit comments and questions in language of choice. French content will be available afterward.

You’re a high performer too!

Mental wellness considerations for leaders, coaches, and staff in sport

Led by Dr. Chantale Lussier, PhD, Mental Performance Consultant, Founder & CEO, Elysian Insight

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 1 – 2:00 p.m. ET.

About the Webinar

Those working in sport often experience a double-edge sword. Leaders, coaches, and other staff often gravitate to these roles because we value being of service and athlete-centered in our daily operations. On the flip side, we often neglect our own mental wellness as high performers ourselves.

The purpose of this workshop is two-fold:

  1. to explore mental wellness considerations as they apply to you as a high performer at work, rest, and play; and
  2. to discover how to optimally integrate mental health literacy, mental skills training, and mental performance consulting across our sporting ecosystems.

About the Speaker

Proven game changer in mental health literacy, mental skills training, & optimal mental performance. Architect of sustainable excellence. Disruptor, innovator, team player. Dr. Lussier is the Founder and CEO of Elysian Insight, a company dedicated to mental performance solutions. A highly sought after specialist in her field, and Professional Member for the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), Chantale has worked with hundreds of nationally and internationally-ranked competitive, elite, and pro athletes (NHL, CFL, NFL), as well as military service men and women, and emergency services professionals (police, fire, first responders, etc).

As a kidney cancer survivor, Chantale utilized her mental skills set to support her healing journey back to wellness. Her personal motto is Less Kidney, More Heart, and informs both her professional and personal outlook in life. She is passionate about enhancing mental health literacy, striving for optimal mental performance, supporting healthy transitions, and fostering a culture of sustainable excellence. Knowledgeable and innovative, she has been called a “game changer” by her clients. She brings a level of care, dedication, and loyalty that is unmatched in the industry. For more info:

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