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Volleyball Canada – National Championships Introduction

Volleyball Canada is proud to have hosted successful National Championships since 1953. Since the Open format was introduced nearly 20 years ago, teams from all over the country have been competing for the national title in a variety of age categories, from 14U to 35+. There are now over 900 teams that participate in the National Championship events annually.

The Volleyball Canada National Championships operate with an open format meaning that any team from across the country has the opportunity to participate without restriction. The open format has made these true national events with participation from nearly every province and territory.  The current format welcomes club teams competing in the 14U to 18U age category across the country. These championships are held on an annual basis offering the opportunity for Canadian teams to compete for the title of National Champions.

In 2012, Volleyball Canada hosted their first Festival Event in which all age groups participated over 6 days under one roof in Toronto Ontario.  The success of this event led to the next festival event held in Calgary, AB in 2015 with the latest version held in Edmonton, AB in 2018. In the ‘off years’ following Festival Events, Volleyball Canada hosted regional events for all age categories in various cities across the country. This format ensured that all teams had access to an event in their region if they were not able to travel longer distances for Festival Events.

Due to the continued growth of volleyball in Canada and the success of the 2018 Festival Event, Volleyball Canada has decided, starting in 2020, to host all 14U events as regional events, even during the Festival Event years. This will allow 60% more 14U teams to participate in National Championships!

National Championships Objectives

The objectives of the Volleyball Canada National Championships are to:

1.     Declare a champion in all age categories for both genders

2.     Offer a unique participation opportunity

3.     To create a competitive environment with meaningful competition

4.     To support development and high performance programs

5.     To promote the game of volleyball

National Championship Hosting Opportunities

Volleyball Canada is seeking one (1) host organizing committee to take on the on-site planning and execution of a 14U National Championship in Western Canada. 

14U VC Nationals Event details:

·        Hosted in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.

·        Girls only

·        70-100 teams approximately

·        10-15 Volleyball Courts

·        One competition venue



The proposed dates for hosting:

·        Weekend 1       May 1st – 3rd (check-in held April 30th)

·        Weekend 2       May 8th – 10th (check-in held May 7th)


General Hosting Information:

The following provides a brief overview of the hosting responsibilities and requirements:

·          The hosting group will be required to run all on-site aspects of the 14U VC Nationals as per the hosting requirements supplied by Volleyball Canada.

·          The hosting group will participate in regular hosting calls with VC to review the planning and preparation of the 14U VC Nationals

·          Volleyball Canada will organize and retain all revenue from merchandise sales

·          The hosting group is responsible for the management of and costs associated with all areas not covered by Volleyball Canada

·          The hosting group to retain revenue from hotel room sponsorship (Stay to Play)


Host City Benefits

All parties involved will benefit from financial and economic impacts, many of which are listed below.


·        The host organizing committee will receive financial compensation for services rendered – specifications will be outlined via the signed agreement with Volleyball Canada.

·        A championship event, with over 1,300 athletes and coaches and an estimated 2,000 spectators expected to attend.

o   The event will also engage local and traveling officials, and the local volunteer community.

·        A range of participants, with athletes between the ages of 12 and 14 years old, as well as spectators composed of both adults and children (family members and friends).

o   Each event participant traveling with the team will require transportation, housing, and food. They are also likely to visit local tourist attractions during their free time.

o   Teams competing in the 14U category tend to travel with a larger delegation of supporting family members.

·        A preliminary economic impact study was conducted and it is estimated that the operations, participants, and visitor spending in the host city will be over $1 million and an additional $500,000 in the province (based on an 80 team tournament).

o   The event will require an estimated 1,700 room nights at local hotels, with each visitor staying an average of 3 nights.

o   In 2017, similar sized events generated between $220,000 & $250,000 in accommodations revenue.

·        The opportunity for your city to gain national visibility through exposure on various media platforms, including print, web, and social media


Bid Timelines

The following timelines have been established by Volleyball Canada for the bid process.



Friday, February 28th, 2019

Letter of intent must be received by Volleyball Canada (17:00 EDT)

Friday, March 29th, 2019

All bid packages must be received by Volleyball Canada (17:00 EDT)

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Evaluation of bids and site visits completed

Friday, May 10th , 2019

Host city selected

Friday, June 1st, 2019

Volleyball Canada will announce the successful hosts