Use double quotes to find documents that include the exact phrase: "aerodynamic AND testing"

For media attending virtually, please note that all MD-1 and Post Match Press Conferences will be run by FIFA and available on the FIFA Media Hub to watch. FIFA will be prioritizing questions from media outlets and journalists on-site

If a Media Representative does not have a FIFA Media Hub account, they will still be able to listen to all Press Conferences on the FIFA Interpreting App. The app is available for Apple & Android devices. You do not need to create any sort of account to use the FIFA Interpreting App, just to do the following steps:

Step 1: Download the FIFA Interpreting App
Step 2: Type in the Event Code: FIFAAPP2023 (same code for the whole tournament)
Step 3: Choose the desired Press Conference
Step 4: Choose the desired language.

Simultaneous interpretation will be available via the FIFA Interpreting App in English, Team A, and Team B languages.