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(Ottawa, Ontario – June 14, 2021) – In collaboration with sport partners, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) continue to advocate for protections that would safeguard Canadian sport from the risks associated with match manipulation and sports gambling. Building on a 2019 Symposium and White Paper that introduced the issue to Canadian sport, the CCES and COC created a new Exploratory Working Group and have testified in support of a new federal Bill to regulate single-sport betting in Canada.

Globally, an estimated $2 trillion is wagered on sport each year (The Economist, 2018), and an estimated $20 billion is wagered annually on events held in Canada. Despite this, the Canadian sport system currently offers few protections or harm-reduction measures for athletes and sport organizations against the growing threat to sport integrity and athlete safety associated with match manipulation. International models offer us guidance on how to reverse this trend.