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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (April 29, 2023) – Taekwondo Canada’s cadet and junior national team athletes showcased their talent at the 2023 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships, finishing 2nd and 3rd overall in the medal standings for the poomsae competition and kyorugi competition respectively. Team Canada captured a total of 30 medals at the event (5 gold, 11 silver, 14 bronze). 

Taekwondo Canada’s Executive Director Dave Harris said of the team’s results, “the Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships showed that Canada is an upcoming taekwondo nation. The results from our young athletes demonstrate that fact. I believe our team of Cadets and Juniors, along with our leadership team show that Taekwondo Canada has a bright future ahead.”

The Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) hosted the 2023 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships at the Palacio de Voleibol in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from April 24th to 26th, 2023. This international event featured athletes aged 12-17 and included both kyorugi and poomsae competition, with participation from over twenty Pan American countries.   

Taekwondo Canada’s Poomsae National Team started the team’s impressive performance with two Pan American Champion titles and a total of thirteen medals. Rachel Lee (Freestyle U17 Female) and Alan Van (Freestyle U17 Male) were the gold medal winners for Canada in the poomsae competition. 

Taekwondo Canada’s Kyorugi National Team added seventeen medals to Canada’s total medal count, including three more Pan American Champion titles. In the Cadet division, Zinnedine Chebli (M-168cm) won gold while in the Junior Division, Sarangi Brindamohan (F-42kg) and Ella Brewster (F-55kg) were the champions earning gold medals.

“The young talent Canadian clubs are producing was highlighted at these Championships”, said Allan Wrigley, Taekwondo Canada’s High Performance Director. “We are very proud of both our Cadet and Junior athletes across all divisions of Poomsae and Kyorugi. Not only were we regularly on the podium, but the athletes really came together as a team with a coaching staff that focussed on learning and experiencing the moment to help support their continued development in the sport”

Taekwondo Canada would like to congratulate and thank all the athletes, coaches and support staff that attended the 2023 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships!

Full Team Canada results can be found below. Please click the links below for complete results from the 2023 Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships:

  • Poomsae Competition 
  • Cadet Kyorugi Comptition
  • Junior Kyorugi Competition
PoomsaeFreestyle U17 FemaleRachel LeeGold
PoomsaeFreestyle U17 MaleAlan VanGold
KyorugiCadet Male -168cmZineddine ChebliGold
KyorugiJunior Female -42kgSarangi BrindamohanGold
KyorugiJunior Female -55kgElla BrewsterGold
PoomsaeCadet PairEmily Hoang, Ryan LeeSilver
PoomsaeCadet Team FemaleEmily Hoang, Ashley Lai, Rachel WongSilver
PoomsaeCadet Team MaleJosh Huang, Ryan Lee, Jayden YuSilver
PoomsaeJunior MaleJake KangSilver
PoomsaeFreestyle U17 PairKai-Hsin Chang, Cailin CookeSilver
KyorugiCadet Female -156cmIsla EstepaSilver
KyorugiCadet Female -172cmLana PurificacionSilver
KyorugiCadet Male -160cmZach GillisSilver
KyorugiCadet Male +180cmRonan SinclairSilver
KyorugiJunior Female -52kgMegan Brewster*Silver
KyorugiJunior Male -48kgEnzo Fabi*Silver
PoomsaeCadet MaleJayden YuBronze
PoomsaeJunior FemaleRachel LeeBronze
PoomsaeJunior PairNicholas Ma, Suri XuBronze
PoomsaeJunior Team FemaleEmily Au, Emma Chau, Katrina LeeBronze
PoomsaeJunior Team MaleJake Kang, Godwin Li, Ethan SoBronze
PoomsaeFreestyle U17 TeamHeinrich Botha, Kai-Hsin Chang, Cailin Cooke, Macy Li, Ethan SoBronze
KyorugiCadet Female -148cmDanique Regnier-Brown`Bronze
KyorugiCadet Female -164cmHannah BrewsterBronze
KyorugiCadet Male -156cmLevi GavasBronze
KyorugiCadet Male -172cmLeo MazzoneBronze
KyorugiJunior Female -52kgAmanda Frelih*Bronze
KyorugiJunior Female -59kgGabrielle BeaulieuBronze
KyorugiJunior Female -63kgLauren HongBronze
KyorugiJunior Male -73kgVictor BeaudetBronze
PoomsaeCadet FemaleMacy Li5th
KyorugiCadet Female -156cmRaya PorterQuarterfinals
KyorugiCadet Female -168cmEstelle LamQuarterfinals
KyorugiCadet Male -164cmNikola SamardzicQuarterfinals
KyorugiCadet Male -176cmThomas Ong-WaltersQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Female -44kgJustine CarpentierQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Female -46kgLéanne GaudreaultQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Female -49kgMaude RicardQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Female -55kgMadeline Stroeder*Quarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Female +68kgSkyler SinclairQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Male -78kgJamie BowQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Male +78kgAubert Le BelQuarterfinals
KyorugiJunior Female -52kgLaila KhanRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Female -68kgEnza WybraniakRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Male -48kgMuhammad AlzghoolRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Male -51kgVincent KoRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Male -55kgNoah NacsaRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Male -59kgAlmahdi AlzghoolRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Male -63kgJacob FortinRound of 16
KyorugiJunior Male -68kgIlya LencoRound of 16
*Wildcard athlete  

About Taekwondo Canada:

Taekwondo Canada is the official governing body of Taekwondo in Canada, overseeing the sport in all Provinces and Territories. Taekwondo Canada is recognized by World Taekwondo, the International Olympic Committee, PATU and Sport Canada. Taekwondo Canada will continue to be a leading nation in the sport by providing leadership and opportunities to enable its participants to achieve their goals.


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Executive Director

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