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We are happy to see our Provincial & Territorial Sport Organizations engage in meaningful, inclusive and respectful Sport. Table Tennis North, the governing body for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories, has partnered with the You Can Play campaign and in their preparation for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games.

“As a resident of the Northwest Territories and an active member in the Table Tennis community in the North, this is very exciting” said Board of Director Thorsten Gohl. “It is so very important that we do not limit participation in our sport and focus on promoting how fun Table Tennis really is.”

Check out the press release from Table Tennis North.

Table Tennis North is excited to announce their support to the You Can Play campaign.

Throughout the last 5 years, Table Tennis North (the governing body for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories) has already been a huge supporter of this campaign, with our athletes, coaches and mission staff participating in projects run by Team NT throughout the Territories.YOU CAN PLAY was shared  within the 2016 and 2018 Arctic Winter Games, the 2019 Canada Winter Games and the 2019 Canada Western Summer Games. 

Team NT YOU CAN PLAY video:

Vice President Marny Twigge is thrilled about this initiative and adds “It is so important to make sure that everyone participating in Table Tennis, or in any activity, can feel safe and enjoy their experience or focus on their development in the sport. Our kids in the Territories are great and love sharing that message where ever their competitions bring them. We want to thank Spider Jones from Sport North for his continous support in the North to this amazing campaign.”

“Through their message that everyone belongs in sport, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, Table Tennis North sends an important message that sport at any level can and should be inclusive for all. To all those competing at the Arctic Winter Games, your partners at You Can Play and Egale Canada wish you the best of luck!” – Ryan Pettengill, Executive Director of You Can Play

Spider Jones, You Can Play campaign lead for the Sport North Federation has do add “Further to the release of Sport North’s You Can Play video and subsequent messaging at GAMES, it’s great to have Table Tennis North continuing to promote the tenants of You Can Play at the upcoming 2020 Arctic Winter Games. That regardless of one’s sexual orientation or how one identifies, if you make the pass, take the shot, make the call, support your team, pursue sporting excellence … if you can play, you can play!”

Table Tennis North will be wearing the You Can Play logo proudly on their competition shirts during the Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games this March. An international multi sport competition highlight sports, culture and coming together. What better way of celebrating the YOU CAN PLAY campaign?!

It is very simple for us, “If you can play, you can play!”