The Sport Information Resource Centre
The Sport Information Resource Centre

The Coaching Association of Canada believes that convening – in one way
or another – under the inspiring theme of Courage by Design will be critical for the sport community as it adjusts to a post-Covid-19 world. As such, the call for content remains open for the 2020 Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif Conference, scheduled to take place November 5-7.

To submit a presentation for consideration, please complete this short survey.

Courage is a journey. To be great leader is to have courage to
embrace a world of constant change, and still be great in the here and now.

Courage is intentional. It requires purposeful planning, commitment
to action, and the willful advancement of growth and development by accepting failure as part of the journey.

Courage is demonstrated through action. To lead or follow with courage requires determination, compassion, and consistent practice.